Course / programme / degree
1 Japanese Humanities Culture, Western Culture, Local Community System, MA,PhD
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Aichi University Japan Toyohashi 2013-05-15
With a PhD in Cultural Studies at Aichi University you will typically, for example, have studied how the media shape social and cultural life, what media power actually is and who wields it. You will have taken modules in an introduction to media, culture and society, sociology and how major social changes have been theorized, and possibly a foundation in film studies.
phd students: You will have engaged in rigorous and innovative scholarship and teaching in the theory, history, and critical analysis of one or more media in ways that encompass diverse cultural contexts and historical periods. You may have placed emphasis on the scholarship of one medium or of several media and their interrelationships.
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1Japanese Humanities Culture, Western Culture, Local Community System, MA,PhD Aichi University Japan Toyohashi 2013-05-15
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