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1 Aspetti Clinici e Molecolari in Oncologia Tiroidea (Master)
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University of Pisa Italy Pisa 2013-05-15
Oncology Studies are usually combined with radiotherapy.
With a Masters in Oncology at University of Pisa you will have studied core and optional modules such as oncology, anatomy and radiotherapy practice, radiation physics, cancer biology and pharmacology, research methods and evidence-based healthcare.
masters students: you will have engaged in advanced study and research in such areas as radiological physics, principles of radiological diagnosis, ultrasound in medical diagnosis, nuclear medicine and radiobiology.
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1Aspetti Clinici e Molecolari in Oncologia Tiroidea (Master) University of Pisa Italy Pisa 2013-05-15
2Corretta Preparazione dei Farmaci Antiblastici e Farmacovigilanza in Oncologia (Masters) University of Messina Italy Messina 2013-05-12