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1 Diploma DJ & Electronic Music Production
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dBs Music Berlin Germany Berlin 2015-11-15

 Using a combination of digital and analog technology, our one year Electronic Music Production & Performance Diploma will develop your skills in sound creation and manipulation. Working through collaborative projects and hands-on creativity you will study the many aspects of electronic music, ranging from synthesis & sampling, production & mixing to music technology and industry practice while setting you on the path to becoming a producer, performer and practising artist.

Our BTEC level 3 National Diplomas are hands-on to learn as much as possible about the capabilities and characteristics of technology and software systems, so that you can confidently achieve your own artistic vision. They’re relevant if you have limited or no experience in music production or if you really want to make that leap from hobby to artist! Whilst they may sound like introductory courses, they’re far from it. They deliver a broad depth of information and aim to get you working independently as well as collaborating on major projects from day one.

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