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1 A Levels Certificate
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INTI International University & Colleges Malaysia Bayan Lepas 2015-05-22

Cambridge A Level (CAL)

INTI International College Subang: KPT/JPS(A7476)11/16 | INTI International College Penang: KPT/JPS(A10116)06/2019 | INTI College Nilai: KPT/JPS(A8334)06/2017

Our Cambridge Advanced Level programme is conducted by the prestigious University of Cambridge International Examinations. They are one of the world's leading providers of international academic qualifications.

Our curriculum provides a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge and preparation to international tertiary programmes. Assessments are based on your mastery of subjects and your ability to apply them in working world scenarios. You will be equipped with essential skills such as cognitive and critical thinking which are necessary to pursue and excel in any degree programme.

The Cambridge A Level consists of two stages, namely the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level and the Advanced 2 (A2) Level.


International Recognition

The Cambridge Advanced Level is one of the most recognized qualifications around the world. For over 50 years, it has been accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into local and foreign universities and institutions of higher learning

  • Good A Level grades are key to admission into the world’s leading universities and institutions of higher learning.
  • Good A Level grades can also result in one full year of advanced standing at universities in the United States of America and Canada.


The Cambridge AS and A2 Level examinations are conducted in May/June and October/November. Results are released in August for the May/June examination and in January for the October/November examination. Students receive a certificate after completing the AS Level examination, and the A Level certificate after completing both the AS Level and A2 Level examinations.


Examination Dates
May / June, October / November
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