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1 Computer Science BSc (Bachelor of Science) line
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University of Pecs Hungary Pécs 2013-07-25

Name of the Faculty: Faculty of Sciences / Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • Degree: BSc (Bachelor of Science)
  • Duration of training: Six (6) semesters
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Head of the programme: Prof. Dr. Sándor Jenei

Computer Science BSc (Bachelor of Science) line

Description of the programme:

The Computer Science BSc line offers full 3-year-education in computer science and programming. The aim of the course is to educate students who will be able to work in the IT sector as coders or software developers, or continue their studies at a master (MSc) level. The basic courses include Discrete mathematics, Calculus, Linear algebra, Numerical analysis, Probability and statistics, Mathematical logics, System design, Programming methodology, Programming languages, Software technology, Computer architecture, Operating system, Networking, Theory of databases etc. The courses are typically worth 2 or 3 credits. Having collected 90 credits from the fundamental courses, there is a choice between an academic and an applied specialization. The academic one is more focused on applied and fundamental mathematical issues such as, e.g. operations research, advanced theory of algorithms, etc., while the applied one is for actual software development technologies. Both specializations offer flexibility in the choice of courses according to the students' interest. 70 credits are to be collected in this framework, while the remaining 20 credits are given for the preparation of the thesis.

  • Application procedure: The students should pass an oral entrance exam in English. The teaching period starts in September.
  • Deadline for application: According to the University schedule - End of August
  • Location of the education: Faculty of Sciences, University of Pécs
  • Tuition fee: 2,500 EUR/semester

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Sándor Jenei
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Pécs, Faculty of Sciences
Phone/Fax: +36/72/503697

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