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1 Comparative Literary Criticism (Masters)
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Ilia Chavchavadze State University Georgia Tbilisi 2013-05-15
A degree in Comparative Literature allows you to develop an understanding of the depth and breadth of literature, and to practise the skills needed for a confident and effective reading of literary and non-literary texts.
With a Masters in Comparative Literature at Ilia Chavchavadze State University your optional and core modules will have included The Novel in 18th-Century Europe, Entertainment Cultures in Greece and Rome, Introducing Literary Theories, an Introduction to French Thought, German Literature from Luther to Goethe, Post-Colonial Literature & Theory, Surrealism, American Studies, Roman Drama, Modernist Fiction, Writing & Politics and Culture & Identity in Spanish America.
masters students: You will have engaged in advanced study in some of the following areas: Themes and major figures in European literature, Interactions between European national literatures as reflected in important genres such as autobiography and the fantastic and Literature and theory, with particular emphasis on the various ways of analysing literary texts (including psychoanalysis, narratology, feminist and post-feminist criticism, and deconstruction).
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