Course / programme / degree
1 Advertisement (Bachelor)
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Saint Luc Higher Education in Arts Belgium Liège 2013-05-12
A selection of job offers in Science, Research, Academics or Administrative
IndJobtitleAcademic InstitutionCountryCityDate
1Trainee (all genders) Scrum Master / Agile Requirements Engineer Accenture Germany Berlin 2019-09-06
2Trainee (all genders) Software Engineering – Web- und Mobile-Entwicklung Accenture Germany Berlin 2019-09-06
3Trainee (all genders) Projektmanagement-Office (Delivery Control) Accenture Düsseldorf 2019-09-09
4Trainee (all genders) SAP ABAP Entwickler Accenture Germany Berlin 2019-09-09
5Trainee (all genders) Software Engineering – Java Accenture Germany Berlin 2019-09-06
Similiar courses, programs, degrees in all-disciplines or in the country
IndexTitleAcademic InstitutionCountryCityDate
1Major professional courses: History of Advertising in China and Foreign Countries, Introduction to Communication Studies, Introduction to Advertisings, Advertisement Design, Design and Production of Computer Advertising, Advertisement Writing, Advertising Photography and Video, Marketing, 3D Flash Animation etc. Lanzhou University China Lanzhou 2013-05-15
2Advertisement (Undergraduate) Nanjing Normal University China Nanjing 2013-05-15
3Communication (Theories of Communication, Applied Communication Research, Management and Administration of Advertisement, New Media Communication) Nanjing Normal University China Nanjing 2013-05-15
4Advertisement Studies (Bachelor) Nanjing University China Jiangsu 2013-05-15
5Science of Advertisement (Bachelor) Northeast Agricultural University China Harbin 2013-05-15