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1 Spanish (Undergraduate)
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Zhengjiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages China 2013-05-12
“Aduryan” scholarship has been being provided since 2010/2011 academic year. The scholarship is aimed at providing an opportunity to those promising young people completed military service during the last 2 years to get education and be demanded by marketplace as quick as possible. A prospective scholarship holder is supposed to fill in an application form and take part in an interview with the representative of the Council of Founders of EIU and/or the Aduryans.Two applicants with the best academic standing will receive “Aduryan” scholarship during the first year of their studies. Moreover, in case of upholding their academic standing the “Aduryan” scholarship holders may receive “Eurasia” scholarship for the following years of their studies.
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1Spanish (Bachelor) Beijing Language and Culture University China Beijing 2013-05-15
2Spanish (Undergraduate) Capital Normal University China Beijing 2013-05-15
3Spanish (Bachelor) Nanjing University China Jiangsu 2013-05-15
4Spanish (Undergraduate) Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine China Nanjing 2013-05-15
5Spanish (Major) Sichuan University China Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R. China 2013-05-15