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1 Phd in Biotechnology
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AIMST University Malaysia Bedong 2013-05-12
With a PhD in Biotechnology at the AIMST University you will have received a well-rounded education in the natural sciences, permitting you to take advanced courses from a broad spectrum of the biological sciences, including cellular and molecular biology, physiology, ecology, animal biology, plant biology, and microbiology.
phd students: You will typically have participated in an Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences curriculum, which included students from other basic science departments, and you may have taken courses in cellular and molecular biology, providing you with a solid background for future research work. Participation in seminars and elective courses will have broadened your exposure to clinically relevant areas of research. You will have been encouraged to select a research advisor who will have assisted you in the development and implementation of a dissertation research project.
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2Phd in Biotechnology AIMST University Malaysia Bedong 2013-05-12
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