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1 B.Sc, Sociology, M.Sc (Master)
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Gombe State University (Gombe) Nigeria Gombe 2013-05-12
With a Masters in Sociology at Gombe State University (Gombe) you will typically have explored the links between classical and contemporary sociological theory, methodology, and critical reflection on society, culture, and lived experience. You will have studied both traditional areas (e.g. gender, class and race / ethnicity) and contemporary and emerging ones (e.g. sexuality, dress codes, media, spirituality, and the body).
masters students: Many MA’S now place emphasis on applied sociology, involving practical and theoretical knowledge in the areas of policy analysis, evaluation research and human systems. The focus is typically on the acquisition of social science research skills, theory application and practical field experience, preparing you to conduct theoretically sound, empirically sophisticated research projects and evaluation studies of organizational programs and policies.
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2B.Sc, Sociology, M.Sc (Bachelor) Gombe State University (Gombe) Nigeria Gombe 2013-05-12
3B.Sc, Sociology, M.Sc (Master) Gombe State University (Gombe) Nigeria Gombe 2013-05-12
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