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1 Applied Geoscience - option in Ph.D., Geosciences
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University of Montana United States-USA Missoula 2013-05-12
With a PhD in Earth Sciences at University of Montana you will typically have studied a wide range of fields including the utilisation and exploitation of natural resources and the effects of human activities on biological, chemical and physical processes that form resources and control ecosystems, explored the Earth and its interior and its dynamic interaction with the crust, including: the major rocks and minerals and their economic importance, the geological time scale and fossils, plate tectonics and volcanism and earthquakes. You will also have explored the processes operating in the surface and ocean environments on Earth, and the resulting deposits and landforms, including oceanography, climate change, the hydrological cycle, rivers and groundwater, glaciers, erosion and mass movement, and soil formation with additional study of weather and climate, hydrology and soil science, oceanography and environmental monitoring.
phd students: You may have engaged in one of the current areas of research including trends regarding air pollutants and their precursors at the regional scale, the impact of megacities on regional air pollution, the role of night-time chemistry on the oxidative capacity of the troposphere, the development of measurements of city-scale air pollution from the ground and space or greenhouse gas measurement and quantification from space.
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