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1 Horticultural Food Crops (c) (Major Concentrations)
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Colorado State University United States-USA Fort Collins 2013-05-12
Horticulture plays a very important role in society, having an influence on our lifestyle and general health in various ways. The field includes the production of fruit and vegetables and the development of the green environment which is known to have a positive effect on our emotional well-being. Horticulturists are at the heart of such developments.
With a Major in Horticulture Studies at Colorado State University you will have acquired the necessary skills for managerial level expertise in such fields as landscape architecture, sports turf management, landscape design, plant propagation, urban ecology and nursery management, coupled with a solid grounding in environmental conservation and utilization.
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1Horticultural Food Crops (c) (Major Concentrations) Colorado State University United States-USA Fort Collins 2013-05-12