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1 Agricultural Education B.S., M.Ag.Ed. (Masters)
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Clemson University United States-USA Clemson 2015-07-02
A Masters in Agricultural Education at the Clemson University will prepare you for employment in education in agriculture which will include schools and colleges, business, trade and professional associations and government agencies. You will receive a solid grounding in all areas related to agriculture, including natural resources, natural science, social science, products and production, forestry, horticulture and other areas.
masters students: Designed for individuals desiring advanced study in teaching agriculture in public schools, communications and leadership, extension education, or environmental technology. You will typically learn to develop competence in the areas of communications and leadership, design, operation and philosophy of agricultural and environmental education programs, and in research and evaluation processes
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1Agricultural Education B.S., M.Ag.Ed. (Masters) Clemson University United States-USA Clemson 2015-07-02
2Master of Agricultural Extension Education (MAEE) in Agricultural Extension Education Colorado State University United States-USA Fort Collins 2013-05-12
3Agricultural and Extension Education (T; NT), Master of Science, in:School of Human Sciences Mississippi State University United States-USA Mississippi State, Meridian 2015-04-23
4Agricultural Education (Online Masters) Montana State University United States-USA Bozeman 2013-05-12
5Master of Agricultural Education North Carolina State University United States-USA Raleigh 2013-05-12