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1 International Business Program (Bachelor)
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Umea University Sweden Umeå 2013-05-15
A Bachelor program at the Umea University qualifies you to practice business and commerce and to carry out related business tasks.
Alternatively, a degree in business administration qualifies you to practice business administration and to carry out related management tasks. This includes teaching in the main management disciplines, Business and Financial Environment, Financial Resource Management, Leadership and Professional Development,Managing People and Organisations, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Information Management, MBA Business Forecasting and Modelling, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Global Business, International Marketing, Management Consultancy, Management of Change, Managing Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Service Management, Services Marketing, Strategic Management of E-Business, Strategic Operations Management, Strategic Project Management
If you chosen area was management, you will have received a general and thorough background in management with the emphasis on the development of the behavioural skills necessary to succeed in the public and private, profit and non-profit sectors, and your coursework will typically have included required courses in human resource management, labour/management relations, systems management, and organizational behaviour., with specialized options in such topics as managing a heterogeneous workforce, gender issues in management, and entrepreneurship.
bachelors students: Employment opportunities: Diverse careers in administration, entrepreneurship, domestic and global management, accountancy, banking, business management, consultancy, human resources, operations manager, training and development Managers, product managers, customer relations Manager, safety and health manager, management analyst, management consultants and retail sales management.
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