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1 comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics (Doctorate)
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Lomonosov Moscow State University Russian Federation (Russia) Moscow 2013-05-15
The Study of Linguistics is the study of ‘natural language’. It typically covers the study of language structure (grammar), the study of meaning (semantics) and the social functions of language (sociolinguistics). In recent years it has become a popular subject for study.
With a PhD in Linguistics at Lomonosov Moscow State University you will typically in your first year have studied such modules as Exploring the English Language with an Introduction to Language and Linguistics. Further study will have engaged you with, for example, Child Language Acquisition, Phonetics, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, Language, Gender and Sexuality, Pragmatics and Psycholinguistics.
phd students: You will typically, by the end of the programmes, be able to present key facts, concepts, ideas and approaches relating to the subjects of your modules and your research in an accurate and coherent way and, further, collect and critically evaluate information and commentary on research, especially in the areas you select to study, design, conduct and present a research investigation in a specific area and communicate your ideas and conclusions clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences alike.
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