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InstitutionJob vacanciesStudy opportunities
1online Al-Afif Cultural Foundation
2online Al-Eman University
3online Al-Nasser University
4online Alahgaff University
5online American Institute for Yemeni Studies
6online Andalus University For Science and Technology
7online Center for Arab Language and Eastern Studies, Sana'a (CALES)courses | Center for Arab Language and Eastern Studies, Sana'a (CALES)
8possibly not online Duke Islamic Studies Center
9online French Center for Archeology and Social Sciences in Sanaa
10online Hadramout University of Science and Technology
11online Hodeidah University
12online Ibb University
13online Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
14online National Council on U.S. - Arab Relations
15online Queen Arwa University (QAU)courses | Queen Arwa University (QAU)
16online Saba Universitycourses | Saba University
17online Sana'a Institute for Arabic Language
18online Sana'a Universitycourses | Sana'a University
19online Sheba Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS) -
20online Taiz University
21online Thamar University
22online The Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center (MEMEAC) at the Graduate Center at CUNY lists the YCMES as a study abroad program.
23online University of Adencourses | University of Aden
24online University of Science and Technology Hospital
25online University of Science and Technology Sana'a (UST)
26online Water and Environment Centre (WEC)courses | Water and Environment Centre (WEC)
27online Yemen American Language Institute
28online Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies
29online Yemen Language Center
30online Yemen Ministry of Public Health

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