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InstitutionJob vacanciesStudy opportunities
1online Academia Sinica, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology
2online Advanced Institute of Manufacturing for High, tech Innovations, National Chung Cheng University
3online Aletheia Universitycourses | Aletheia University
4online American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
5online American Institute in Taiwan, Commercial Section
6online American School in Taichung
7online Asia Universitycourses | Asia University
8online Asia University, Business School
9online Central Police University
10online Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology
11online Chang Gung Universitycourses | Chang Gung University
12online Chang Gung University School of Medicine
13online Chang Jung Christian University
14online Chao Yang University of Science and Technology
15online Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT)
16online Cheng Shiu University
17online Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Sciencecourses | Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science
18possibly not online Chiang Ching-Kuo Chinese Cultural Foundation
19online Chienkuo Technology Universitycourses | Chienkuo Technology University
20online Chihlee Institute of Technology
21online China Art School
22online China External Trade Development Council
23online China Medical University
24online China Medical University School of Medicine
25online China University of Technology
26online Chinese Culture University
27online Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health
28online Ching Yun Universitycourses | Ching Yun University
29online Christs College
30online Chung Hua University
31possibly not online Chung Shan Medical University School of Medicine
32possibly not online Chung Shan Medical and Dental Universitycourses | Chung Shan Medical and Dental University
33online Chung Yu Institute of Technology
34online Chung Yuan Christian University
35online College of Education, National Taiwan Normal University
36online College of Engineering at the MUST
37online College of Engineering | Chonnam National University
38online College of Engineering, Chang Gung University
39possibly not online College of Fine and Applied Arts (at the NTNU)
40online College of Foreign Languages Fu Jen Catholic University
41online College of Humanities | Fo Guang University
42online College of Liberal Arts | National Taiwan University
43online College of Management (YZU)
44possibly not online College of Management, Chang Gung University
45online College of Managment National Sun Yai-sen University
46possibly not online College of Medicine, Chang Gung University (CGU)
47possibly not online College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
48online College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
49online College of Oral Medicine, Taipei Medical University
50online College of Science (at the NTNU)
51possibly not online College of Social Sciences at Nanhua University
52possibly not online College of Sports and Recreation (at the NTNU)
53online College of Technology (at the NTNU)
54online Da-Yeh University
55online Dahan Institute of Technology
56online Daiei High School
57online Department of Adult and Community Education - National University ...
58online Department of Agronomy, N.T.U.
59possibly not online Department of Applied English | Ming Chuan University
60online Department of Biochemical Science and Technology at National Taiwan University
61online Department of Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University
62possibly not online Department of Chemistry (at the NTNU)
63online Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University
64online Department of Chinese (at the NTNU)
65online Department of Communication Engineering
66online Department of Computer science and Information Engineering (at the NTNU)
67online Department of Earth Sciences (at the NTNU)
68possibly not online Department of Education (at the NTNU)
69possibly not online Department of Education, Shandong Province
70possibly not online Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling (at the NTNU)
71online Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University
72possibly not online Department of Graphic Arts Communication (at the NTNU)
73online Department of Health Education (at the NTNU)
74possibly not online Department of History (at the NTNU)
75online Department of Industrial Education (at the NTNU)
76online Department of Japanese Language and Literature School of Foreign Language and Culture | Soochow University
77online Department of Japanese | Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages
78online Department of Life Science (at the NTNU)
79online Department of Mathematics (at the NTNU)
80online Department of Mechatronic (at the NTNU)
81online Department of Music (at the NTNU)
82online Department of Music National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
83online Department of Physical Education (at the NTNU)
84online Department of Physics (at the NTNU)
85possibly not online Department of and Geography (at the NTNU)
86possibly not online DiWAN College of Management
87possibly not online Environmental Conservation Center (at the NTNU)
88online European University | European University Taipei
89online Feng Chia University
90online Feng Chia University, Business School
91online Fooyin University
92online Fortune Institute of Technology
93online French Traininig Center (at the NTNU)
94online Fu Jen Catholic University
95online Fu Jen Catholic University School of Medicine
96online Fu Jen Catholic University, Business School
97possibly not online Grace Christian Academy
98online Graduate Institute of Design (at the NTNU)
99possibly not online Graduate Institute of Environmental Education (at the NTNU)
100possibly not online Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology (at the NTNU)
101online Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education
102possibly not online Graduate Institute of International Workforce Education and Development (at the NTNU)
103online Graduate Institute of Mass Communication at NTNU
104online Graduate Institute of Taiwan History (at the NTNU)
105online Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (at the NTNU)
106possibly not online Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation (at the NTNU)
107possibly not online Graduate School of Management, Yuan-Ze University
108online Hsing Kuo University of Management
109possibly not online Hsing Wu College of Information Technology
110possibly not online Hsiuping Institute of Technology
111online Hsuan Chuang University
112online Huafan University
113online Hungkuang Universitycourses | Hungkuang University
114online I-Shou University
115online IPS, National Sun Yat-sen University
116possibly not online Industrial Technical Research Institute
117online Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
118online Industrial Technology Research Institute Hsinchu
119online Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences, National Taiwan University
120online Institute of Applied Electronics Technology (at the NTNU)
121online Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica
122possibly not online Institute of Bioinformatics and Structural Biology, National Tsing Hua University
123online Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinicacourses | Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica
124online Institute of China and Asia, Pacific Studies, NSYSU
125online Institute of China and Asia, Pacific Studies, National Sun Yat Sen University
126possibly not online Institute of Construction Engineering and Management (at MUST)
127online Institute of Educationcourses | Institute of Education
128possibly not online Institute of Electro-Optical Science And Technology (at the NTNU)
129online Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica
130online Institute of History and Philology of Academia Sinica in Taiwan
131online Institute of Mathematical Modeling And Scientific Computing (Immsc)
132online Institute of Mathematics
133online Institute of Modern History Academia Sinica
134online Institute of Molecular Biology
135online Institute of Molecular Medicine, National Cheng-Kung University
136online Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
137online Institute of Precision Mechatronic Engineering
138online Institute of Statistics | National Chung-Hsing University
139online International Ergonomics Association
140online Kainan University
141online Kao Yuan University
142online Kao Yuan University of Technology
143online Kaohsiung American School (KAS)
144possibly not online Kaohsiung Hospitality College
145online Kaohsiung Medical College
146online Kaohsiung Medical University
147online Kaohsiung Medical University Faculty of Medicine
148possibly not online Kaohsiung National Sun Yat-Sen University
149online Kun Shan University
150online Lan Yang Institute of Technology
151possibly not online Leader University
152online Ling Tung Universitycourses | Ling Tung University
153online LungHwa University of Science and Technologycourses | LungHwa University of Science and Technology
154online Ming Chuan Universitycourses | Ming Chuan University
155possibly not online Mingchi University of Technology
156online Minghsin University of Science and Technologycourses | Minghsin University of Science and Technology
157online NSYSU Center of Teaching and Institute of Education
158online Naitonal Health Research Institutes (NHRI)
159online Nan Kai University of Technology
160online Nanhua University
161possibly not online Nankai College of Technology & Commerce
162online Nanzih High School
163online Nation Cheng Kung University Department of Medicine
164online National Science Council
165online National Academy for Educational Research Preparatory Office
166online National Central Police University
167online National Central Universitycourses | National Central University
168online National Central University, Business School
169online National Changhua University of Education
170online National Cheng Kung Universitycourses | National Cheng Kung University
171online National Cheng Kung University Medical College
172online National Chengchi Universitycourses | National Chengchi University
173online National Chengchi University | College of Commerce
174online National Chengchi University | College of Liberal Artscourses | National Chengchi University | College of Liberal Arts
175online National Chengchi University, College of Commerce
176possibly not online National Chengchi University, College of Foreign Languagescourses | National Chengchi University, College of Foreign Languages
177online National Chi Nan University
178online National Chiao Tung Universitycourses | National Chiao Tung University
179online National Chiao Tung University, Display Institute
180online National Chiao-Tung University, Business School
181online National Chiayi University
182online National Chin-Yi University of Technology
183online National Chung Cheng University
184online National Chung Hsing Universitycourses | National Chung Hsing University
185possibly not online National College of Physical Education and Sports
186online National Defense Medical Center
187online National Defense University, Taiwan
188online National Dong Hwa Universitycourses | National Dong Hwa University
189online National Formosa University
190online National Hsinchu University of Education
191online National Ilan University
192online National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
193online National Kaohsiung Marine Universitycourses | National Kaohsiung Marine University
194online National Kaohsiung Normal University
195online National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciencescourses | National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
196online National Open University
197online National Penghu University
198online National Penghu University of Science and Technology
199possibly not online National Pingtung University of Education
200online National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
201online National Sun Yat-Sen Universitycourses | National Sun Yat-Sen University
202online National Sun Yat-Sen University, College of Management
203online National Sun Yat-sen University, Business School
204online National Sun, Yat, Sen Univ., Dept. of Political Economy
205online National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
206online National Taichung University
207online National Taichung University Department of Social Studies Education
208online National Taichung University Department of Social Studies Education
209online National Tainan University
210possibly not online National Tainan Vocational and Industrial High School
211online National Taipei College of Business
212online National Taipei University
213online National Taipei University of Education (NTUE)
214online National Taipei University of Technology
215online National Taipei University, College of Social Sciences
216online National Taitung Universitycourses | National Taitung University
217possibly not online National Taiwan College for `Performing Arts`
218possibly not online National Taiwan College of Physical Education and Sports
219online National Taiwan Normal Universitycourses | National Taiwan Normal University
220online National Taiwan Ocean University
221online National Taiwan Universitycourses | National Taiwan University
222online National Taiwan University School of Medicine
223online National Taiwan University of Arts
224online National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA)courses | National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA)
225online National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Business School
226online National Taiwan University of Technology and Sciencecourses | National Taiwan University of Technology and Science
227online National Taiwan University | College of Law
228possibly not online National Taiwan University | College of Management
229online National Taiwan University's Institute for Advanced Study of Humanities and Social Sciences
230online National Taiwan University, Business School
231online National Tsing Hua Universitycourses | National Tsing Hua University
232online National United University
233online National University of Kaohsiung
234online National University of Tainan (NUTN)courses | National University of Tainan (NUTN)
235online National Yang Ming Medical College
236online National Yang-Ming Universitycourses | National Yang-Ming University
237online National Yunlin University of Science and Technologycourses | National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
238online National applied research laboratories (NARL)
239online Open University of Kaohsiung
240online Oriental Institute of Technology
241possibly not online Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology
242online Physical Education R and D Center (at the NTNU)
243online Prof. Chen-Sheng Yeh (Dept. of Chemistry)
244online Providence Universitycourses | Providence University
245online Research Center for Applied Sciences
246online Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences
247online Research Center for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences ( RCHASS)
248possibly not online Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing (at the NTNU)
249online Research Institute of Nuclear Energy
250online Rolls, Royce Singapore Pte Ltd, Advanced Technology Centre, Computational Engineering
251possibly not online Samara Academy of Humanities
252online Science Education Center (at the NTNU)
253online Sheng-te Christian College
254online Shih Chien University
255online Shih Hsin University
256possibly not online Shih Hsin University, Business School
257online Shu-Te Univ. of Tech
258online Shu-Te University
259online Solo International Education Institute
260online Soochow Universitycourses | Soochow University
261online Soochow University of Taipei - School of Business
262online Southern Taiwan University of Technology
263online Special Education Center (at the NTNU)
264online St. John's University
265possibly not online Ta Hwa Institute of Technology
266online TaTung University
267possibly not online TaiChung Healthcare and Management University
268online Tainan National University of the Arts
269online Taipei American School
270online Taipei College of Nursing
271online Taipei Medical Universitycourses | Taipei Medical University
272online Taipei Municapital University of Education
273possibly not online Taipei Municipal Teachers College
274online Taipei Municipal University of Education
275online Taipei National University of the Arts
276possibly not online Taipei Physical Education College
277online Taiwan Academy of Sciencecourses | Taiwan Academy of Science
278online Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College
279online Taiwan Information Security Center at the Academia Sinica (TWISC)
280online Taiwan International Graduate Program, Academia sinicacourses | Taiwan International Graduate Program, Academia sinica
281online Taiwan International Institute for Water Education (TIIWE)
282online Taiwan Textile Research Institute
283online Taiwan Theological College and Seminary
284online Taiwanese Sociological Association
285online Tajen University
286online Takming University of Science and Technologycourses | Takming University of Science and Technology
287online Tamkang University
288online Tatung Institute of Technology
289online TransWorld University
290possibly not online Transworld Institute of Technology
291possibly not online Tung-Nan Institute of Technology
292online Tunghai University
293online Tzu Chi College of Medicine and Humanities
294online Tzu Chi University
295online Tzu Chi University Department of Medicine
296online Tzu Chi college of Technology
297online Vanung University (VNU)
298online Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages
299online World Vegetable Center
300possibly not online Wufeng Institute of Technology
301online Yuan Ze University (YZU)courses | Yuan Ze University (YZU)
302online Yuanpei University

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