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InstitutionJob vacanciesStudy opportunities
1online ADEN Asunción
2online Arbitration and Mediation Center of Paraguay
3online Autonomous University of Asunción
4online Autonomous University of Paraguay
5online Catholic University 'Our Lady of the Assumption'courses | Catholic University 'Our Lady of the Assumption'
6online Catholic University Our Lady of the Assumption Campus Itapúacourses | Catholic University Our Lady of the Assumption Campus Itapúa
7possibly not online Center for the Study of Law, Economics and Politics (CEDEP)
8online Colegio Internacional SEK-Paraguay
9online Columbia University of Paraguaycourses | Columbia University of Paraguay
10online Escuela de Administración de Negocios (EDAN) de Educación Superior
11online Guyra Paraguay
12possibly not online Hispano-Guarani University (UHG)
13possibly not online Institute of Economic and Social Studies of Paraguay
14online Instituto Superior de Estudios Humanísticos y Filosóficos (ISEHF), Paraguay
15possibly not online Instituto de Ciencias de Computación (ICC)
16online Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay
17online Ministry of Justice and Labour of Paraguay
18online National Institute for the Protection of Persons with Special Needs
19online National University of Asunción
20online National University of the East
21online Nihon University Gakko
22online Northern University, Paraquaycourses | Northern University, Paraquay
23online Technical University of Marketing and Development
24online Three Frontiers International Universitycourses | Three Frontiers International University
25online Universidad Americana
26online Universidad Central de Paraguay
27online Universidad Columbia del Paraguay
28online Universidad Comunera del Paraguay
29possibly not online Universidad Evangélica del Paraguay
30online Universidad Iberoamericana
31online Universidad Metropolitana de Asuncióncourses | Universidad Metropolitana de Asunción
32online Universidad Nacional de Itapúa
33online Universidad Nacional de Pilar
34online Universidad Privada del Este
35online Universidad San Carlos, Asuncioncourses | Universidad San Carlos, Asuncion
36online Universidad Tecnológica Intercontinental (UTIC)courses | Universidad Tecnológica Intercontinental (UTIC)
37online Universidad de la Integración de las Américas
38online Universidad del Pacífico Privada (UP)courses | Universidad del Pacífico Privada (UP)
39online University of Incarnation
40possibly not online University of the Arts and Paraguay | Ateneo Paraguayo
41online University of the Southern Cone of the Americas (UCSA)

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