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InstitutionJob vacanciesStudy opportunities
1online ASSIST (Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies)
2online Academy of Korean Studies
3online Active Polymer Centre for Patterning Integration (APCPI)
4online Agricultural Cooperative College
5online Ajou Motor College
6online Ajou Universitycourses | Ajou University
7online Ajou University, Business School
8possibly not online Ajou University, Graduate School of Business
9possibly not online Andong Institute of Information Technology
10online Andong National Universitycourses | Andong National University
11possibly not online Andong Science College
12online Ansan College of Technology
13online Ansan Technical College
14possibly not online Ansung Women's Polytechnic College
15online Anyang Technical College
16online Anyang Universitycourses | Anyang University
17online Arts Council Korea
18possibly not online Asan Information and Technology Polytechnic College
19online Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA)
20online Asia United Theological University
21possibly not online Asia University Federation
22online Asia-Pacific Association for International Education
23online Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA)
24online Baekseok College
25online Baekseok Culture Universitycourses | Baekseok Culture University
26online Baekseok Universitycourses | Baekseok University
27possibly not online Baewha Women's College
28online Berea International Theological Seminary ( Berea University of Graduate Studies)
29online Brain Korea 21, Myongji University
30possibly not online Bucheon College
31online Busan Arts College
32online Busan College of Information Technology
33online Busan Foreign School
34online Busan Kyungsang College
35online Busan National University of Education
36online Busan Polytechnic College
37online Busan Presbyterian Universitycourses | Busan Presbyterian University
38online Byuksung College
39online CFA Korea Society
40online Calvin Universitycourses | Calvin University
41possibly not online Capital Baptist Theological Seminary
42online Catholic Sangji College
43online Catholic University of Korea
44online Catholic University of Pusan
45online Catholic University of Taegu-Hyosung
46online Center for Applied Microfluidic Chemistry
47online Center for Functional Connectomics (CFC)
48possibly not online Centre Parisien dEtudes Critiques
49online Chang Shin College
50possibly not online Changwon College
51online Changwon National University
52possibly not online Changwon Polytechnic College
53online Cheju College of Technology and Information
54online Cheju Halla College
55online Cheju Tourism College
56possibly not online Cheonan College of Foreign Studies (Baekseok College of Cultural Studies)
57possibly not online Cheonan National Technical College
58online Cheonan Yonam College
59online Cheongju National University of Education
60possibly not online Cheongju Polytechnic College
61possibly not online Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology
62online Cheongshim International Academy
63possibly not online Cheongyang Provincial College
64online Chinju Health College
65online Chinju National University
66online Chinju National University of Education
67online Chinju National University of Industry
68online Chodang Universitycourses | Chodang University
69possibly not online Chonan National Technical College
70online Chonan Techno College
71online Chonbuk National Universitycourses | Chonbuk National University
72online Chonbuk Sanup University of Technology (Howon University)
73online Chongin College
74possibly not online Chongju National College of Science and Technology
75online Chongju University
76online Chongshin University and Theological Seminary
77online Chonju National University of Education
78online Chonnam National Universitycourses | Chonnam National University
79online Chonnam National University, Business Schoolcourses | Chonnam National University, Business School
80online Choonhae College
81possibly not online Chosun College Of Science and Technology
82online Chosun Nursing College
83online Chosun Universitycourses | Chosun University
84online Christian College of Nursing
85online Chugye University for the Arts
86possibly not online Chuncheon College Of Information Technology
87online Chuncheon National University of Educationcourses | Chuncheon National University of Education
88possibly not online Chuncheon Polytechnic College
89online Chung Ang University, Seoulcourses | Chung Ang University, Seoul
90online Chung Cheong Universitycourses | Chung Cheong University
91online Chungbuk National University
92possibly not online Chungbuk Provincial University Of Science Of Technology
93possibly not online Chungbuk Provincial University of Science and Technology
94online Chungju National Universitycourses | Chungju National University
95online Chungkang College of Cultural Industries
96online Chungnam National Universitycourses | Chungnam National University
97online Chungnam National University College of Humanities
98online Chungwoon University
99online Chunnam Techno College
100online Climate Change Research Institute of Korea (CRIK)
101online College of Human Ecology | Pusan National University
102online College English Program, Seoul National University
103online College Of Health Sciences, Korea University
104online College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University
105online College of Business Administration Seoul National University
106online College of Business Administration, Chung-Ang University
107possibly not online College of Dentistry, Seoul National University
108online College of Dentistry, Yonsei University
109online College of Engineering | Korea University
110online College of Engineering | Pusan National University
111online College of Engineering, Seoul National Universitycourses | College of Engineering, Seoul National University
112online College of Health Sciences, Catholic University of Pusan
113possibly not online College of Life and Environmental, Konkuk University of Seoul
114online College of Medicine, Inje University
115online College of Medicine, Pochon CHA University
116online College of Natural Sciences
117online College of Natural Sciences | Kyungpook National University
118online College of Nursing, Seoul National University
119possibly not online College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University
120online Computer, Aided Design and Information Technology Laboratory, Seoul National University
121online Daebul University
122possibly not online Daecheon College
123online Daedong College
124online Daeduk College
125online Daegu Arts University
126online Daegu Cyber University
127possibly not online Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST)
128possibly not online Daegu Gyeoungbuk Institute of Science and Technology
129online Daegu Haany Universitycourses | Daegu Haany University
130possibly not online Daegu Health College
131online Daegu Mirae College
132online Daegu National University of Education
133possibly not online Daegu Polytechnic Collegecourses | Daegu Polytechnic College
134online Daegu Technical College
135online Daegu University
136online Daegu University
137online Daegu University of Foreign Studies
138online Daehan Theological University
139possibly not online Daejeon Health Sciences College
140possibly not online Daejeon Polytechnic College
141online Daejeon Universitycourses | Daejeon University
142online Daejin University
143online Daekyeung College
144online Daelim University College
145possibly not online Daewon Science College
146online Dankook University
147possibly not online Department of Animal Biotechnology | Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea
148online Department of Asian history, Seoul National University
149online Department of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST
150online Department of Biological Environment, Kangwon National University
151online Department of Cheju National University of Education
152online Department of Chemistry | Yonsei University
153possibly not online Department of Criminal Justice, Dongguk University
154online Department of Economics, Sungkyunkwan University
155online Department of Education, Korea University
156online Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Seoul National University
157online Department of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University
158online Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University
159online Department of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University
160online Department of Physics/Nano magnetism theory lab, Pukyong National University
161online Department of Sociology, Seoul National University
162online Department of mechanical engineering, Chonbuk National University
163possibly not online Digital Seoul Culture Arts University
164online Division of Chemical Engineering,Chonbuk National University
165online Dong Eui University
166online Dong Seoul College
167online Dong-A College
168possibly not online Dong-A Universitycourses | Dong-A University
169online Dong-Ah Broadcasting College
170online Dong-Ah College
171online Dong-Eui Institute of Technology
172online Dong-Pusan College
173online Dong-U College
174online Dong-eui Universitycourses | Dong-eui University
175online Dongduk Women's University
176online Dongeui Institute Of College
177online Dongguk Universitycourses | Dongguk University
178online Dongguk University, Business School
179possibly not online Dongju College
180online Dongkang College
181online Dongnam Health College
182online Dongseo Universitycourses | Dongseo University
183online Dongshin University
184online Dongyang Technical College
185online Dongyang University
186online Doowon Technical College
187online Duksung Women's Universitycourses | Duksung Women's University
188online EWHA Womens University | Biochemistry
189online Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
190online Engineering College, Chonbuk National University
191online Eulji University School of Medicine
192online Ewha Womans Universitycourses | Ewha Womans University
193online Ewha Womans University, Business Administration
194online Faculty of Education, Seoul National Universitycourses | Faculty of Education, Seoul National University
195online Far East University
196online Foundation of East Asia Cultural Properties Institute
197online Gachon Medical School
198online Gachon University of Medicine and Science
199possibly not online Gachongil College
200possibly not online Gangneung Yeongdong College
201online Gangneung-Wonju National University
202online Gangneung-Wonju National University College of Dentistry
203possibly not online Gangwon Provincial University
204online Geochang Provincial College
205online Geumgang University
206online Global Agriculture Policy Institute
207online Global Pharmaceutical Institut
208online Good Gang-an Hospital
209online Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology
210online Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology | Seoul University
211online Graduate School of International Studies of SNU
212online Graduate School of International Studies | Yonsei University
213online Graphene Research Institute, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea
214online Gumi College
215online Gwangju Catholic University
216online Gwangju Health University
217online Gwangju Institute of Sclence and Technologycourses | Gwangju Institute of Sclence and Technology
218online Gwangju National University of Education
219online Gyeongbuk Catholic University of Daegu
220online Gyeongdo Prpvincial College
221online Gyeonggi Suwon International School (GCIS)
222online Gyeongin National University of Educationcourses | Gyeongin National University of Education
223online Gyeongju Universitycourses | Gyeongju University
224online Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology (GNTECH)
225online Gyeongnam Provincial Namhre Gollege
226online Gyeongsang National University
227online Gyeongseong University
228online HOSEO Computer Technical College
229online Halla University
230possibly not online Hallym College
231online Hallym Institute of Advanced International Studies
232online Hallym University
233online Hanbat National Universitycourses | Hanbat National University
234online Hanbuk University
235online Handong Global University (HGU)
236online Hanil University and Presbyterian Theological Seminary
237online Hankuk Aviation University
238online Hankuk University of Foreign Studiescourses | Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
239online Hankuk University of Foreign Studies | Graduate School of Interpretation and Translationcourses | Hankuk University of Foreign Studies | Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation
240online Hankyong National University
241online Hanlyo University
242online Hannam University
243possibly not online Hannam University, Linton Global College
244online Hansei University
245online Hanseo University
246online Hanshin University
247online Hansung University Seoul
248online Hanyang Cyber University
249online Hanyang Universitycourses | Hanyang University
250online Hanyang Women's College
251online Hanyeong College
252online Hanyoung Theological University
253online Hanzhong University
254online Holypeople University
255online Honam Theological University&Seminary
256possibly not online Honam Universitycourses | Honam University
257online Hongik Universitycourses | Hongik University
258online Hoseo University
259online Howon University
260online Hyechon College
261online Hyejeon College
262online Hyupsung University
263online Hyupsung University, Seoul
264online IPS - The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies
265online Ilsan Information Industry High School
266possibly not online Incheon City College
267online Incheon Development Institute
268online Incheon University
269online Inchon Catholic University
270online Induk Institute Of College
271possibly not online Information and Communications Universitycourses | Information and Communications University
272online Inha Techinical College
273online Inha University
274online Inje University
275online Institut Pasteur Korea
276online International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS)
277online International Rice Research Institute, South Korea
278possibly not online International School of Busan
279online International University of Korea
280online Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul
281online Jangan College
282online Jeju National Universitycourses | Jeju National University
283online Jeju National University Law School
284online Jeonju Kijeon Women's College
285online Jeonju Technical College
286online Jeonju University
287online Jeonju University, Department of Real Estate
288possibly not online Jeonnan Provincial College
289online Jesus University
290possibly not online Jiangnan University, Department of Real Estate
291online Jinju College
292online Jinju Health College
293online Joongang Sangha University
294online Joongbu University
295online Jungang Seunggha University
296online Juseong College
297online KAIST Business School
298online KAIST Graduate School
299online KDI School of Public Policy and Managementcourses | KDI School of Public Policy and Management
300online KITECH Institute
301online Kangnam University
302possibly not online Kangnan University
303online Kangnung National University
304online Kangwon National Universitycourses | Kangwon National University
305online Kangwon National University, Chunchon, Korea
306online Kangwon National University, Department of Real Estate
307online Kangwon Tourism College
308online Kaya University
309online Kayown School Of Art And Design
310online Keimyung Adams College | Keimyung University
311online Keimyung College
312online Keimyung University
313possibly not online Keo Chang Provincil College
314online Keukdong College
315online Kimcheon College
316online Kimcheon Science College
317online Kimpo College
318online Kkottongnae Hyundo University of Social-Welfare
319online Koje College
320online Kong-Ju Communication Arts College
321online Kongju Communications Arts University
322online Kongju National University
323possibly not online Kongju National University of Education
324online Konkuk Animal Resources Research Center | Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea
325online Konkuk Universitycourses | Konkuk University
326possibly not online Konkuk University, Business School
327online Konkuk University, Chungju Campus, Korea
328online Konkuk University, Department of Real Estate
329online Konkuk University, Graduate School of Real Estade Studies
330online Konyang University
331online Kookmin University
332online Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
333online Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center
334online Korea Air Force Academy
335online Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
336online Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
337online Korea Baptist Theological University
338online Korea Basic Science Institute
339online Korea Christian University
340online Korea Culinary Science High School
341online Korea Food Research Institute
342online Korea Industrial Technology Foundation (KOTEF)
343online Korea Institut of Public Administration
344online Korea Institute for Advanced Study
345online Korea Institute for Development Strategy
346online Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
347online Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
348online Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
349online Korea Institute of Energy Research
350online Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
351online Korea Institute of Machinery and Metals
352online Korea Institute of Materials Science, Changwon
353online Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
354online Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine
355online Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning
356online Korea Institute of Science and Technology
357online Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
358online Korea Institute of Science and Technology, International R&D Academy
359online Korea International Culture University of Graduate
360online Korea Kent Foreign School
361Url not found Korea Labour Education Institute (KLEI)
362online Korea Legislation Research Institute
363online Korea Literature Translation Institute
364online Korea Maritime University
365online Korea Military Academy
366online Korea National College Of Rehabilitation and Welfare
367online Korea National Fisheries Research and Development Institute
368online Korea National Open University
369online Korea National Police University
370online Korea National University of Education
371online Korea National University of Physical Education
372online Korea Nazarene University
373online Korea Nazarine University
374online Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI)
375online Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute(KORDI)
376online Korea Photonics Technology Institute
377online Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI)
378online Korea Polytechnic University
379online Korea Research Council for Science & Technology
380online Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science and Technology
381online Korea Research Foundation
382online Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)
383online Korea Rural Economic Institute
384possibly not online Korea Science and Engineering Foundation
385online Korea Tourism College
386online Korea Universitycourses | Korea University
387online Korea University Business School, Korea University (KUBS)courses | Korea University Business School, Korea University (KUBS)
388online Korea University Business School, Seoul
389online Korea University Sejong Campuscourses | Korea University Sejong Campus
390online Korea University of Technology and Educationcourses | Korea University of Technology and Education
391online Korean Academy of Science and Technology
392online Korean Animation High School
393online Korean Association of Academic Societies
394online Korean Association of Political Scientists (KPSA)
395online Korean Astronomical Society
396online Korean Bible University
397online Korean Christian Thought Institute
398online Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)
399online Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education
400online Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)
401online Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
402online Korean National Railroad College
403online Korean National University of Arts (KNUA)
404online Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology
405online Korean Research Institute of Railway Transport
406possibly not online Korean Sociological Association
407online Kosin University
408online Kumi College Venture Business Center
409online Kumoh National Institute of Technology(KIT), Gumi
410online Kumoh National University of Technologycourses | Kumoh National University of Technology
411online Kundong University
412online Kunjang College
413online Kunsan College Of Nursing
414online Kunsan National Universiy
415online Kwan Dong University
416possibly not online Kwangju National University of Education
417online Kwangju University
418online Kwangju Women's University
419online Kwangshin University
420online Kwangwoon University
421online Kwangyang Health College
422online Kyeongsang National Universitycourses | Kyeongsang National University
423online Kyongbuk University of Foreign Studies
424online Kyonggi Institute Of Technolgy
425online Kyonggi Universitycourses | Kyonggi University
426online Kyung Hee Cyber University (KHCU)courses | Kyung Hee Cyber University (KHCU)
427online Kyung Hee Universitycourses | Kyung Hee University
428online Kyungbok College
429possibly not online Kyungbuk College
430online Kyungbuk College Of Science
431possibly not online Kyungbuk Foreign Language College
432possibly not online Kyungdong College Of Texhno-Ingornation
433online Kyungdong University
434online Kyungil University
435online Kyungin Women's College
436online Kyungmin College
437online Kyungmoon College
438online Kyungnam College Of Information and Technologycourses | Kyungnam College Of Information and Technology
439online Kyungnam University
440online Kyungpook National Universitycourses | Kyungpook National University
441online Kyungpook National University | School of Medicine
442online Kyungpook National University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, School of Applied Biosciences
443online Kyungsung University
444online Kyungwon College
445online Kyungwon University
446online Kyungwoon Universitycourses | Kyungwoon University
447online Lighthouse International School
448online Linton Global College
449online Luther Theological University
450online Margaret Pritchard University
451online Masan College
452online Methodist Theological Seminary
453online Miryang National University
454online Mokpo Catholic University
455online Mokpo National Maritime University
456online Mokpo National University
457online Mokpo Science College
458online Mokwon University
459online Mokwon University Taejon
460Url not found Mun Kyung College
461possibly not online Munkyung College
462online Myongji College
463online Myongji Universitycourses | Myongji University
464possibly not online Myungshin University
465possibly not online Naju College
466online Nambu University
467online Namseoul University
468online Nanotube and Nanodevice Laboratory, School of Electrical Engineering, Korea university
469online National Association for Korean Schools
470online National Fusion Research Institute
471online National Institute for International Education Development
472online National Institute of Environmental Research
473possibly not online National Institute of Scientific Investigation
474possibly not online National Medical Center College Of Nursing
475online Northeast Asia Foundation for Education and Culture (In Korean)
476possibly not online Open Cyber University
477online Osan College
478online POSCO TJ Park Foundation
479online Paekche Institute Of The Artscourses | Paekche Institute Of The Arts
480online Pai Chai Universitycourses | Pai Chai University
481online Pohang College
482online Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech)courses | Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech)
483online Polymer-Nano Science and Technology,Chonbuk National University
484online Postdoctoral and Graduate Scholarship Energy and Environment Fusion Technology
485online Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary
486online Presbyterian College&Theological Seminary
487online Pukyong National Universitycourses | Pukyong National University
488online Pusan College Of Information Thchnology
489online Pusan Kyungsang Junirior College
490online Pusan National Universitycourses | Pusan National University
491online Pusan University of Foreign Studiescourses | Pusan University of Foreign Studies
492possibly not online Pusang Women's University
493online Pyongtaek University
494online Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies
495possibly not online Red Cross College Of Nursing
496online Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, Pohang
497online SEOIL University Department of Real Estate
498online SIM International
499possibly not online Saekyung College
500online Sahmyook Nursing and Health College
501online Sahmyook University
502online Samcheok National University
503online Samsung Art and Design Institute, Korea
504online Samsung Welfare Foundation Samsung Medical Center
505online Sang Ji University
506online Sang Myung Universitycourses | Sang Myung University
507online Sangji Youngseo College
508possibly not online Sangju National University
509online School of Applied Biosciences, Kyungpook National University
510possibly not online School of Business | Ewha Womans University
511online School of Business | Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
512online School of Business | Yonsei University
513online School of Computer Science and Engineering, Image Laboratory at Chung Ang University
514online School of Dentistry, Chonnam National University
515online School of Law, Inha Univesity
516online School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, University of Ulsan
517online Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI)
518online Sejong Music Society
519online Sejong Universitycourses | Sejong University
520online Semiconductor Physics Research Center (SPRC), Chonbuk National University
521online Semyung University
522online Seoil College
523online Seojoeng College
524online Seokang College
525online Seokyeong University
526online Seokyeong University
527online Seonam University
528online Seoul Christian School
529online Seoul Christian University
530online Seoul City University
531online Seoul Cyber University
532online Seoul Digital University
533online Seoul Foreign School
534possibly not online Seoul Health College
535online Seoul Institute Of The Artscourses | Seoul Institute Of The Arts
536online Seoul International School
537online Seoul Jangsin University and Theological Seminary
538online Seoul National Universitycourses | Seoul National University
539online Seoul National University School of Biological Sciences
540online Seoul National University of Education
541online Seoul National University of Technology
542online Seoul National University | SNU Business School
543online Seoul Teological University
544online Seoul Women's College Of Nursinh
545online Seoul Women's University
546online Seowon University
547online Shin Heung College
548online Shin-Gu College
549online Shingyeong University
550online Shinsung College
551online Silla University
552online Simseok High School
553online Sogang University
554online Sogang University SLP
555online Sohae College
556online SolBridge International School of Businesscourses | SolBridge International School of Business
557online Song Won College
558online Songho College
559online Sookmyung Women's Universitycourses | Sookmyung Women's University
560online Soonchunhyang University
561online Soong Eui Women's College
562online Soongsil Universitycourses | Soongsil University
563possibly not online Soraboll College
564online South Korea Diet Association
565possibly not online Sshmyook College
566online Sunchon Chongam College
567online Sunchon First College
568online Sunchon National University
569online Sung Duk College
570online Sung Kyun Kwan University
571online Sunghwa College
572online Sungkonghoe University
573online Sungkyul Christian University
574online Sungkyul University
575online Sungkyunkwan University
576online Sungshin Women's University
577online Sungsim Junior college of Foreign Languages
578online Sunlin College
579online Sunmoon University
580online Suny Koreacourses | Suny Korea
581online Suwon Catholic University
582online Suwon Science College
583online Suwon University
584online Suwon Women's College
585online Suwon Women's Universitycourses | Suwon Women's University
586online Taegu Science College
587online Taegu University
588online Taejon Catholic University
589online Taejon Christian International School
590possibly not online Taejon National University of Technology
591possibly not online Taekyeung College
592possibly not online Taeshin Christian University
593possibly not online Tamna University
594online The Catholic University of Korea
595online The Korea Foundation
596online The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
597online The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
598possibly not online Tongmyoung College
599possibly not online Tongmyung University of Information Technology
600online Tongwon College
601online Uiduk University
602possibly not online Ulsan College
603online Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
604online Ulsan University
605online Underwood International College, Yonsei University
606online University of Incheon
607online University of Namseul
608online University of North Korean Studies
609online University of Seoul
610possibly not online University of Suwon
611online University of Ulsan
612online University of Ulsan | School of Design
613online Utah Inha Drug Delivery Systems and Advanced Therapeutics Research Center
614online Winglish TESOL Education Center
615online Wonju National College
616online Wonkwang University
617online Wookwang Health Science College
618online Woongi Accounting and Tax College
619online Woosong Infornation College
620online Woosong Technical College
621online Woosong University
622possibly not online Woosuk University
623online Yangsan College
624online Yeo Joo Institute Of Technology College
625online Yeoju Institute of Technology
626online Yeungjin College
627online Yeungnam College Of Science and Technology
628online Yeungnam University
629online Yeungnam University, Business School
630online Yewon Arts University
631online Yonam College Of Engineering
632online Yong-In Song Dam College
633online Yongin University
634online Yonsei Medical Center
635online Yonsei Universitycourses | Yonsei University
636online Yonsei University School of Business
637online Yonsei University Wonju Campus
638online Yonsei University | College of Nursing
639online Yonsei University, College of Music
640online Yonsei University, Division of International Education
641online Yonsei University, Graduate School of Business
642possibly not online Yosu National University
643online Youngdong University
644online Youngnam Theological College and Seminary
645online Youngsan University
646online Youngsan Wonbuddhist University
647online Yuhan University
648online Zhen Hua International School

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