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Majors in Italy

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Bachelor in Design and Art - major in Design
Bozen, Italy
Communication & Interactive Digital Multimedia. Majors in: Publishing, Digital Media, Visual Communication (Undergraduate Major)
Florencia, Italy
Economics and management (inter-L-18 Economics and Business Management - Economics L-33). Students at the time of the third year must choose between: Major in Economics and Management curriculum
Sassari, Italy
General Surgery (Major Oncologic Surgery: Esophagus, Liver, Pancreas; Minimal Invasive Surgery)
Varese, Italy
Hospitality Management. Majors: International Hotel and Tourism Management, Culinary Arts & Food Service Management (Undergraduate Major)
Florencia, Italy
Liberal Arts, Majors in: Humanities, Contemporary Italian Studies, Fine Arts (Undergraduate Major)
Florencia, Italy
Major in Design
Bozen, Italy
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