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InstitutionJob vacanciesStudy opportunities
1online HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School
2online Haikou College Of Economics And Vocational Technology
3online Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
4online Hainan College Of Vocation And Technique
5online Hainan Medical College
6online Hainan Medical Institute
7possibly not online Hainan Middle School
8online Hainan Normal University
9online Hainan Teachers College
10online Hainan University
11online Hangzhou College of Commerce
12online Hangzhou Dianzi Universitycourses | Hangzhou Dianzi University
13online Hangzhou Institute of Electronics Engineering
14online Hangzhou Normal University
15online Hangzhou Normal University Qianjiang College
16online Hangzhou Teachers College
17online Hangzhou Teachers College, Hangzhou Second Hospital Affiliated People's Hospital of Cardiology
18possibly not online Hanlab, IGDB, CAS
19online Hanshan Teachers College
20online Harbin Academy of Social Sciences
21online Harbin College
22online Harbin Engineering University
23online Harbin Institute of Technology
24online Harbin Institute of Technology ShenZhen Graduate School
25online Harbin Medical University
26online Harbin Normal University
27online Harbin University of Commerce (HUC)
28online Harbin University of Science and Technology
29online Hebei Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering
30online Hebei Institute of Engineering
31online Hebei Institute of Physical Education
32online Hebei Medical University
33online Hebei Normal University
34online Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology
35online Hebei North Universitycourses | Hebei North University
36online Hebei Polytechnic Universitycourses | Hebei Polytechnic University
37online Hebei Teachers'University
38online Hebei University
39online Hebei University of Economics and Business
40online Hebei University of Science and Technology
41online Hebei University of Technologycourses | Hebei University of Technology
42online Hebi Vocational and Technical College
43online Hefei College
44online Hefei University of Technologycourses | Hefei University of Technology
45online Heilongjiang Commercial University
46online Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology
47online Heilongjiang University
48online Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
49online Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
50online Henan Agricultural University
51online Henan Agriculture University
52online Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
53online Henan Normal University
54online Henan Polytechnic University
55online Henan University
56online Henan University of Finance and Economics
57online Henan University of Science and Technologycourses | Henan University of Science and Technology
58possibly not online Henan Vocational Technical Teacher's College (HVTTC)
59online Hengyang Normal Universitycourses | Hengyang Normal University
60possibly not online Hetao University
61online Hexi College
62possibly not online Hezuo Minorities Teachers' College
63online History Research Center of Nanjing University
64online Hlj August First Land Reclamation University (HLAU)
65online Hohai University
66online Hohai University Changzhou
67online Hohhot Vocational College
68online Holmes Colleges, Shanghai
69online Hong Kong Institute of Continuing Higher Education (HKICHE)
70online Hong Kong International Medical Clinic
71online Honghe University
72online Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College
73online Huaihai Institute of Technology
74online Huaihua College
75online Huainan Teachers College
76online Huaiyin Institute of Technology
77online Huaiyin Teacher's College
78online Huaiyin Teachers College
79online Huanggang Normal University
80possibly not online Huanggang Teachers College
81online Huanghe Institute of Science and Technology
82online Huanghe Science and Technology University (Huanghe S and T College)
83online Huanghuai University
84online Huangshan University
85online Huawei Universitycourses | Huawei University
86online Huazhong Agricultural University
87online Huazhong Normal University
88online Huazhong University of Science and Technologycourses | Huazhong University of Science and Technology
89online Hubei Academy of Fine Arts
90possibly not online Hubei College for Nationalities
91online Hubei College of Education
92online Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
93possibly not online Hubei Institute for Nationalities
94possibly not online Hubei Institute of Automotive Industry
95online Hubei Institute of Economics
96online Hubei Normal University
97online Hubei Normal University, International College
98online Hubei Polytechnic University
99online Hubei Teachers College
100online Hubei University
101online Hubei University of Economics
102online Hubei University of Police
103online Huizhou Universitycourses | Huizhou University
104online Hult International Business School - Graduate (Shanghai)courses | Hult International Business School - Graduate (Shanghai)
105online Hulunbeir College
106online Hunan Agricultural Universitycourses | Hunan Agricultural University
107online Hunan Business College
108possibly not online Hunan City University, Network & Information Administation Center
109online Hunan College of Arts and Science
110online Hunan Institute of Engineering
111online Hunan Institute of Science and Technology
112online Hunan Institute of Technologycourses | Hunan Institute of Technology
113online Hunan International Economics University (HIEU)courses | Hunan International Economics University (HIEU)
114online Hunan Normal University
115online Hunan University
116possibly not online Hunan University of Chinese Medicinecourses | Hunan University of Chinese Medicine
117online Hunan University of Science and Technology
118online Hunan Yanhui Overseas Education Service Center
119online Huzhou Teachers College

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