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1 Christian formation
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Norwegian School of Theology Norway Oslo 2014-11-18
Christian Formation
Providing children and youth knowledge of Christianity through stories, experiences, rituals and play is an important task of the catechist.

Religious education contributes to building churches and the catechist is the church's leading teacher. The religious education reform in the Church of Norway has created a great need for qualified teachers and parish catechists.

The master's programme in Christian Formation is a five-year program that includes the teacher training program (PPU). Thus the candidates obtain a double qualification for work in both churches and in schools.

The five-year program that qualifies for a vocation as catechist integrates the bachelor programme in Youth, Culture and Faith (you must have a C or higher to advance directly to a master's) and master's in Christian Formation with PPU. Upon completion one is qualified to be a catechist. Candidates who finish their studies with only the bachelor's in Youth, Culture and Faith are qualified to be church educators.

For work in schools it is an advantage that the students study a different school subject aside from Christianity/RLE as part of the bachelor's programme. MF offers one-year programmes in Social Sciences. Other relevant subjects are Norwegian language, mathematics, languages and practical/aesthetical subjects.

The candidate is responsible for

  • safeguarding the Church's teaching of children, youth and adults
  • facilitating the work of the church for lifelong learning in the Christian faith
  • conducting leadership training, coordinating cooperation with schools, various organisations and municipal agencies
  • helping to create good arenas in the church for spiritual and human growth

Most catechists help determine the profile of their own position. This provides much flexibility.


This study programme does not have an English description. Please go to the Norwegian version of this page for the Norwegian description!

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