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1 Biomass Energy Science and Technology (PhD)
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Nanjing Forestry University China Nanjing 2013-05-15
With a PhD in Environmental Studies at Nanjing Forestry University you will typically have received the skills necessary for defining current national and global environmental issues and the complex human-environment relationships that have created them; critically assessing the relationship between human cultures and societies, the institutions, economic and political trends that characterise them, and the impact on the natural environment; taking a critical look at the developments in current global and national environmental thinking and evolving perspectives on society-environment relationships and engaging in research, writing and presentation skills, including the preparation of written work which successfully integrates knowledge from the social sciences with that of the natural sciences
phd students: You will typically have engaged in advanced study and research in such areas as environmental policy, coastal geomorphology and policy, geographical information systems and geographical database development, economic geography, globalisation and development, regional planning and social and urban geography.
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