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1 Public Administration (PhD)
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Ajou University Korea Republic Suwon 2013-05-15
A PhD in Administration program from the Ajou University qualifies you to practice business administration and to carry out related management tasks. This includes teaching in the main management disciplines, Business and Financial Environment, Financial Resource Management, Leadership and Professional Development, Managing People and Organisations, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Information Management, MBA, Business Forecasting and Modelling, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Global Business, International Marketing, Management Consultancy, Management of Change, Managing Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Service Management, Services Marketing, Strategic Management of E-Business, Strategic Operations Management, Strategic Project Management
phd students: You will typically have researched variously the areas of accounting, finance, information systems, human resources management, international economics, operations management, public sector economics, strategic management and marketing. You will have produced a dissertation on one of the above as an original and definitive empirical study.
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