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1 Addiction Studies (Formerly Alcohol and Other Drug Studies)
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College of San Mateo United States-USA San Mateo, California 2017-08-21

Addiction Studie

The Addiction Studies program prepares students to work with the alcohol and other drug dependent population, and the family and employer of the chemically dependent person. The program addresses community needs for trained alcohol and other drug prevention specialists to work and volunteer in both public and private agencies in the Bay Area.

Career opportunities in this field include Primary Addiction Counselor/ Supervisor, Case Manager, Program Director, Prevention Educator, Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Counselor, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Incarceration Counselor, and Assessment/ Placement Specialist. Other opportunities include working with adolescents, seniors, multicultural populations, and those who have been affected by HIV/ AIDS.


A selection of job offers in Science, Research, Academics or Administrative
IndJobtitleAcademic InstitutionCountryCityDate
1Senior Solution Manager (ISP & others) Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH Germany Berlin/Eschborn / Duesseldorf / M√ľnchen 2019-02-05
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