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1 Graphic Design Option (B.F.A) (Bachelor)
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California State University East Bay United States-USA Hayward, California 2016-09-08

Art, Graphic Design Option, B.F.A.

Courses in the Department of Art develop our students’ perceptual skills, their access to the imagination, and their ability to think critically and independently. Instruction in use of art materials and specific arts processes enables students to create original artworks reflecting their evolvingvision. Our program also fosters a broad cultural awareness of the visual arts in society. Graduating majors should be able to clearly express their ideas about art-making. In addition, their grasp of historical and contemporary aesthetic issues should inform their own work. We offer excellent facilities, small classes taught by a distinguished faculty, space to work, a guest lecturer series, and field trips to museums, galleries and artists’ studios.

Seven options for the B.A. degree are offered: Art, Art History Option, B.A., Art, Art Studio Option, B.A., Art, Graphic Design Option, B.A., Art, Photography Option, B.A., Art, Pictorial Arts Option (Drawing/Painting/Printmaking), B.A., Art, Spatial Arts Option (Ceramics/Sculpture), B.A., and Art, Multimedia Option (Electronic Art), B.A. The major consists of 64-86 units; the B.A. requires 180 units.


The department also offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree. This is a professional degree offering students the opportunity to develop a higher level of expertise. It is often the degree of choice for those who intend to pursue graduate studies or attend other professional schools. It allows time for concentrated work within a specific art discipline: Art, Graphic Design Option, B.F.A., Art, Multimedia Option, B.F.A., Art, Photography Option, B.F.A. and Art, Traditional Arts Option, B.F.A. The major consists of 100-102 units; the B.F.A. requires 180-183 units.


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