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1 B.S. Biochemistry
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California State University Long Beach United States-USA Long Beach, California 2016-08-19


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (120 units)

Degree Progress

Bachelor of Science and Biochemistry majors must complete the following requirements within the specified time of declaring the major. Some students may need to take courses during Summer Session to meet these requirements. Students who have not met the requirements by the required semester must either declare another major or meet with an Academic Advisor to determine if the student's performance in the courses merits an additional semester to complete. Students required to enroll in pre-baccalaureate math may receive one additional semester to meet the requirements.

Freshmen: A grade "C" or better must be achieved in both MATH 122 and CHEM 111A within one calendar year. A grade of "C" or better must be achieved in CHEM 111B and CHEM 220A within two calendar years.

Transfer Students: A grade of "C" or better must be achieved in both CHEM 220A and PHYS 151 within 1 calendar year.

In addition, all Bacehlor of Science and Biochemistry majors must earn a C or better in all courses counting towards the major and must maintain major and upper-division major GPAs of 2.0 or higher. A student whose GPA in the major or upper division GPA in the major falls below 2.0 will be advised that they are at risk of being dismissed from the major and granted one semester to raise their major GPA(s) to 2.0. Students who do not successfully raise their major GPA(s) must meet with an advisor to declare another major or submit an appeal to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry explaining why they need one additional semester. Students whose major GPAs remain below 2.0 after this additional semester must declare a new major.


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