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1 Bachelor of Fine Arts Interior Design
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Paris College of Art France Paris 2015-04-22

Hermès Window Display Project PCA Student Project 2012-13

France, home of some of the most notable interior design movements from Louis XIV to Art Deco and designers such as Andrée Putman and Philippe Starck, is the ideal setting to explore this discipline.


Interior Design Faculty

Alix de Mercey


After receiving her MA in Architectural Design from the University of Edinburgh, Alix de Mercey went on to receive a Masters of Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture, London. She subsequently ran various projects with two London based practices before collaborating on numerous others both in France and abroad at renowned Parisian firms, such as Jourda Architectes, Atelier Jean Nouvel and XTU. After setting up independently in 2010, she developed a number of projects for private clients (house extensions, interior refurbishments, medical practices), while teaching Interior Design at the École Bleue and the Académie Charpentier in Paris.

Interior Design with an emphasis on Retail & Commercial Spaces

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design with an emphasis on Retail and Commercial Spaces is designed for undergraduate students who aim to become professional interior designers specialized in retail, commercial, exhibition and event spaces. Interdisciplinary in nature and structure, the studio and the classroom serve as complementary spaces for design thinking, technical and professional skills development as well as creative expression in developing an interior design project.

In this program students will:
> discover how architecture, design and art historical inquiry contribute to their comprehension and acquisition of a global visual culture;
> understand the influence of human sciences in spatial perception and space design and develop analytical skills to approach their projects in an innovative way;
> learn to analyze space components, to apply rigorous design project methods and acquire the technical skills related to the interior design profession;
> be immersed in the interior designer’s daily professional practices with professors and guest lecturers who work in the field.

The significant studio practice in interior design and the plurality of choices offered by this program will prepare graduates for immediate practice in the interior design field in Paris and internationally or for entry into Masters degree programs in retail architecture or exhibition design.


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