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1 Master of Science in Innovation & Change Management
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Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University United Arab Emirates Dubai 2015-02-24

Master of Science in Innovation & Change Management

Program Overview

This program focuses on the strategies for managing modern organizations, and setting and maintaining the course of change. It provides learners with specialist knowledge and skills on how to overcome resistance during the change process, and maximize learning and innovative thinking for anticipating and coping with the repercussions of change. The program prepares learners to develop innovation and managing change strategies and to create an innovation culture. The complex issue of managing change is addressed using case studies adapted to the local and regional context.

What is Unique about this Program?

Contextualization of innovation and change management strategies in relation to the cultural and economic conditions of Middle East and North Africa region.
Flexible delivery model using e-learning medium to suit lifestyles of busy professionals in full-time employment
Use of tailored and tested teaching and learning methods to develop practical business skills built on sound theoretical expertise and competencies, and complemented by case studies.
Learn to work in groups through various supervised research-based project work.
Taught by world class experts based worldwide using a modern e-leaning platform and resources.

Target Audience

The program is for those who have a vision to become an inspiring leader and manage change in their organization to achieve market leadership.
All university graduates and professionals staring in the management career path such as administrators, managers, supervisors, inspectors and facilitators from the public, private and social sector organizations.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of this program the learners can occupy important positions in public, private and social sector organizations as senior manager, Champions for Managing Change, executive officer, president, chairmen, etc.

Program Goals

  • To develop learners comprehension and synthesizing skills to examine principles of total quality management to achieve excellence.
  • To develop learners knowledge, abilities and skills in developing and maintaining effective innovation strategies in organizations.
  • To develop learners knowledge and competencies in developing and maintaining effective change strategies in organizations.
  • To provide learners with contemporary knowledge and skills to develop effective leadership strategies and systematic approaches to negotiations and decision-making.
  • To equip learners to evaluate different research methods, to conduct literature review, to perform data analysis, and write academic report.

Program Outcomes

  • Appraise the concepts and principles of Excellence model and its relationship with total quality management principles.
  • Appraise leadership models for nurturing and maintaining creativity and innovation culture in organizations.
  • Devise effective innovation strategies and change management plans for an organization through information technology and decision support systems
  • Appraise the impact of values, ethics and culture on change in an organizational context.
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative research methods and demonstrate data analysis and reporting competencies.

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