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1 B.Sc. Civil Engineering
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Abdullah Gul University (AGU) Turkey Kocasinan/Kayseri 2014-10-08

It can be arguably stated that Civil Engineering is the oldest engineering discipline, because mankind always needs to build environment by placing a roof over head or laying a tree stem across a river. In modern life, all these needs can be satisfied by civil engineers by designing constructions and supplying maintenance of constructed and natural infrastructures. Furthermore, civil engineers apply their knowledge of mathematics and physical sciences to develop ways to efficiently utilize natural resources and the forces of nature to improve the well-being of humanity and to protect the environment. First and foremost, Civil Engineering is a people serving to the nation and the world as professionals, scholars, academic leaders and entrepreneurs.

The core mission of our department is to educate, inside classroom and laboratory. In other words, a majority of departmental courses will be educated in laboratories to show, tangibly, the civil engineering theories to the students. Furthermore, to be an important part of the fabric of AGU, we pay importance to have not only civil engineering based research studies but also collaborative synergies and research areas among a range of different departments. With these studies, we also aim to overcome some social research challenges on several important global issues (such as sustainability, population and urbanization, and economic problems).

The Civil Engineering Department offers four major areas of concentration: Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Transportation and Geo-Engineering, and Hydraulics Engineering. At the first year of the department, the Civil Engineering Department offers an undergraduate degree program as Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.) and the other degree programs, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering, will be offered in the next years. Our Department has started with a significant successful (sixth among all universities in Turkey) according to the ranking system of LYS (Turkish National Undergraduate Entrance Exam). Moreover, the low quota (20 students for one year) of the Department allows us to provide great learning environment and an excellent student to faculty ratio.

To supply job opportunities for the students, the Civil Engineering Department sponsors Job-Fair organizations at the university campus. These events provide students an opportunity to meet face to face with recruiters from various national consulting firms, which hire Civil Engineers. We also provide advice to the large number of undergraduate students that are interested in advanced degrees, and help them find appropriate graduate programs in our department or at other prestigious graduate schools in the World. Additionally, it should not be forgotten that Abdullah Gul University Foundation (AGUV) will keep in contact with the students up to their graduations for their career improvements.

As you review our website, we hope you become more interested in our programs and the civil engineering opportunities at AGU. Please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. We will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have and to meet with you whenever you visit the campus.

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