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1 Bachelor of Marketing
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KIMEP University Kazakhstan Almaty 2014-09-04

The Bachelor of Marketing (BMKT) program prepares students to meet the diverse needs of the contemporary Kazakhstan and the worldwide employment markets. Upon graduation students will be able to compete with other highly qualified candidates in these markets. Furthermore, they will demonstrate a firm specialized theoretical knowledge in the field of Marketing. They will also acquire fundamental knowledge of Accounting, Finance, Management, Operations Management, Information Systems and Computer Applications. By applying their skills and knowledge, Bachelor of Marketing graduates will be able to make significant contributions to the community in which they work, whether in business or in the public sector.


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1Accounting and Audit (Bachelor) Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I.Satpaev Kazakhstan Almaty / г. Алматы 2013-05-12
2Multilevel training in accounting, evaluation and statistics,Bachelor Program (Learning Languages: Kazakh, Russian) Kazakh Economics University named after T.Ryskulov Kazakhstan Almaty / г.Алматы 2013-05-12
3Accounting and Auditing (Bachelor) Zhetisu State University named after I.Zhansugurova Kazakhstan Taldykorgan 2013-05-12
4Accounting and Audit (Bachelor) Kazakh-American University Kazakhstan Almaty / г.Алматы 2013-05-12
5Bachelor of Finance KIMEP University Kazakhstan Almaty / г. Алматы 2014-09-04