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1 Public Health – BA studies (taught in Polish)
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Vincent Pol University in Lublin Poland Lublin 2014-09-03

Public Health

Studies in Public Health are Bachelor's degree programmes lasting three years (six semesters), either full-time (intramural) or part-time (extramural). The intramural programme consists of fifteen-week semesters of regular classroom education, one week of examination session per semester, one week of re-sit session per semester as well as Christmas and Easter breaks. With a view to allowing the students to pursue their weekday careers, the extramural programme is carried out during weekends, starting on Friday late afternoons – not earlier than at 3 pm. Such an organisation of the intramural programme complies with the standards set up by the Ministry of Higher Education.


The main concept of undergraduate public health education at the University of Vincent Pol in Lublin boils down to training highly qualified specialists, who will have a broad theoretical and practical knowledge of both social and medical sciences, allowing them to make informed choices and tackle problem-solving issues regarding the business of protection and promotion of health.


Public Health graduates will know and understand the processes that condition the state of health, methods conducive to the protection of health and to the strengthening of the individuals' health potential. Every graduate will be fully qualified to identify healthcare problems and to raise health-awareness both of family members and at a local level, contextualising them in relation to the activities of the healthcare sector. Our graduates will also have the ability to make use of the existing healthcare legislation as well as to analyse and respond to the thorny issues of the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the theoretical and practical knowledge of public health students is methodologically complemented through the instillment of values associated with public responsibility for health promotion and for public access to appropriate health care services.


The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, together with the idea of public responsibility for health, enable the students to navigate freely across public healthcare problems and the complications of social support services, aiding successful graduates in the course of their career development to perform multiple leadership roles both in state health-promoting institutions and in social services. Public Health graduates will have knowledge of the social and medical sciences in accordance with the current educational standards set up by the Ministry for Science and Higher Education.


Students of Public Health, as offered by the University of Vincent Pol in Lublin, are provided with general knowledge of law, economics, sociology, psychology, medicine, the health policy of the EU, social sciences and management. Students are also offered a variety of specialised subjects, including health economics, public relations in healthcare, medical statistics, work evaluation systems or healthcare in employment.


Internships and professional practice play a crucial role in the adaptation of the students' theoretical knowledge to the practical needs of the labour market. To this end, the university has signed a number of mutual agreements with major region-based institutions and companies working in the widely understood field of public health. These include hospitals, clinics, hospices and NGOs. Students' university-assisted professional practice lasts 240 hours over a period of 6 weeks.

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