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1 Cosmetology – BA studies (taught in Polish)
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Vincent Pol University in Lublin Poland Lublin 2014-09-03


Studies in Cosmetology are Bachelor's degree programs and take six semesters. Training takes place in full-time and part-time.

3-year graduate studies at the direction of Cosmetology receives a bachelor's degree and qualified cosmetologist. It can thus continue their education in college courses.


Cosmetology training at the direction will enable graduates to find good jobs, both in beauty salons and wellness centers, but also in the labs, perfumes and cosmetic divisions of pharmacies. This knowledge will enable them to professional and independent management and organization of cosmetic surgery.


The main concept of education at the undergraduate level - in the direction of Cosmetology University of Vincent Pol to them. The University of Vincent Pol in Lublin is to train qualified specialists in the field of cosmetology, who will have a broad substantive and practical knowledge to enable them to perform certain cosmetic procedures, make the proper selection of cosmetics, indicating their use in pharmacological basis of knowledge.

The idea of ​​teaching at undergraduate level - the direction of Cosmetology, is not only the training of professionals with good cosmetologists theoretical bases for operations from the scope and beauty care cosmetics, skin diseases, and diagnosis of excellent manual skills, but also acting as cosmetologists 'educators' behavior and lifestyles conducive to physical and mental health.
Cosmetology is the interdisciplinary science, which is why the graduate of Cosmetology will have knowledge of many fields of science, including in medicine, chemistry, toxicology, pharmaceutics, formulation and technology dermatological drugs, cosmetics, quality control measures for the care and beautification of the body.

In addition to items covered by the standards of university education enables students to acquire basic knowledge of human ecology, chemistry, toxicology and pharmacognosy.
An important object of education is guaranteed standards of information technology. In which students learn basic knowledge of information technology, word processing, databases, and presentation techniques, managerial, service in computer networks, obtaining and processing information. These contents are a subset of the information contained in the modules required to obtain the European Certificate of Computer Skills (ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence).

To boost graduates in the direction of their own businesses, self-development and self-university classes introduced in the offer items such as: selected issues in employment law, psychology and marketing and management.
Taking into account the interest of students as well as educational and material base school, the school provides education specialization subjects including: the aesthetics, makeup and styling, the principles of nutrition, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetology, medical, pharmacognosy and aromatherapy.

Interesting feature distinguishing the direction of - School of Cosmetology in the Unversity of Vincent Pol to them. The University of Vincent Pol in Lublin from the same direction, organized at other universities is the subject of Lublin - thalassotherapy. On the thalassotherapy students will gain knowledge of a variety of treatments and relaxation therapy and beauty using sea water as beneficial effects and healing properties, among others seaweed, collagen, plankton, pearls and caviar. They will learn what the aquaculture and fish selected types of aquatic organisms used in cosmetology, ie whether the mollusc algae.
The university provides students with a wide range of optional subjects (to choose from), where students can choose what content they want to learn and learning to learn.

Large role in the adaptation of theoretical knowledge to practical needs of students in the labor market will have a professional practice. To this end, the university has agreements with major institutions of the region is carried out cosmetic treatments, beauty, and beauty.

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