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1 Bachelor of Science in Design - Interior Design
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American University in the Emirates United Arab Emirates Dubai 2014-04-15

Bachelor of Science in Design - Interior Design

Bachelor of Science in Design - Interior Design

Program Objectives

The Interior Design program aims to teach students how to analyze design factors based on understanding the project objectives, goals and end user requirements. The course work includes design, analysis, construction and job administration. Students will be expected to conduct a wide range of research and on-site examination of areas selected for project work.

The primary objective of the interior design courses in the American University in the Emirates is to equip students with creative awareness, professional attitudes, imagination and technical knowledge required for this profession. Interior Design is a multifaceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are adopted within the building to maintain and achieve an interior environment through  systematic design processes and techniques. The program objectives are as follows:

  • Create a wide variety of interior designs for any project from concept stage to completion.
  • Develop and implement designs through a variety of new and traditional design options.
  • To become able to apply effective design techniques, principles and theories within one's work.
  • Learn and apply appropriate design tool and terminology.
  • Use effective visual communication when completing projects and presentations.

The College has large design studios, state-of-the-art facilities provided with the latest electronic media and printing equipment and an extensive library filled with the latest tutorial educational resources relevant to Interior Design. They all available to students to use in an engaged learning environment.

Students will be studying under the direction of experienced Architects, Engineers and tutors. Students will work towards projects in both commercial and residential interiors, developing a sense of how people function inside and outside these spaces. They will develop a range of live projects with themes including leisure and public interior spaces.

Career Opportunity

Having a Degree in Interior Design will give graduates the opportunity to work with any interior design company, both nationally and internationally. Graduates from the College of Fine Art and Design (CFAD) will also have opportunities to work with architects, helping them to develop the conceptual design of related projects.

Bachelor Degree Requirements

Students must complete the following to graduate:

1. General Education Required Courses (11 Courses / 33 Credits)

No. Course Code Course Title C.H.
1 ARL-AA 100
ARL-NA 100
Communication Skills in Arabic Language 3
2 ENG 100 English 3
3 ENG 105 English for Specific Purposes 3
4 MAT 100 General Mathematics 3
5 CIT 100 Computer Literacy 3
6 ASC 100 Study and Learning Skills 3
7 ASC 105 Islamic Culture 3
8 ASC 110 Introduction to Social Sciences 3
9 ASC 200 General Psychology 3
10 ASC 210 Natural Sciences 3
11 ASC 300 UAE and GCC Society 3

2. College Requirements(9 Courses/27 Credits)

No. Course Code Course Title C.H.
1 FAD 100 Color Theory and Practice 3
2 FAD 105 Drawing I 3
3 FAD 110 Basic Design 3
4 FAD 200 Fundamentals of Graphic Illustration and Digital Imaging 3
5 FAD 201 Art History I 3
6 FAD 202 Art History II 3
7 FAD 210 Drawing II 3
8 FAD 215 3D Design 3
9 FAD 305 Internship 3

3. Degree Requirements (17 Courses/57 Credits)

No. Course Code Course Title C.H.
1 IND 300 Introduction to Interior Design 3
2 IND 301 ID Principles 3
3 IND 302 Materials and Resources 3
4 IND 303 Textiles for Interior Design 3
5 IND 304 Studio II - Residential 3
6 IND 305 Studio I - Drafting 3
7 IND 306 Building Systems and Codes 3
8 IND 310 CAD 3
9 IND 315 Furniture Design 3
10 IND 400 Studio III - Commercial 3
11 IND 401 Lighting for Interior Design 3
12 IND 402 Studio IV: Commercial 3
13 IND 403 Advanced CAD 6
14 IND 404 Detailing 3
15 IND 405 Interior Design Profession 3
16 IND 406 Capstone Graduation Project 6
17 IND 410 History of Interior Design 3

4. Free Electives(4 Courses/ 12 Credits)

4 Courses (12 Credits) can be chosen from any other Colleges / Departments / Specializations as long as the chosen courses prerequisites are met.

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