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1 Bachelor of Business Administration in E-Commerce and Marketing
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American University in the Emirates United Arab Emirates Dubai 2014-04-15

Bachelor of Business Administration in E-Commerce and Marketing

Bachelor of Business Administration in E-Commerce and Marketing

COBA provides an up-to-date program in E-Commerce and Marketing with managerial and technological knowledge that allows students to participate and utilize the electronic media as a market place.

E-Commerce or electronic commerce is a computer-based science using digital systems for economic and business purposes. This form of marketing has largely expanded during the last three decades.

Looking for employment immediately after your education?

An easy solution is the undergraduate course in E-Commerce and Marketing at the AUE. The 'global village' concept has brought all industries to operate on a common platform. The virtual contact is no longer a stand alone issue; rather, it is the most effective solution to the new millennium's industrial needs.

The volume of trade, the availability of goods, the transfer of finance, the information sharing and supplying the items to the market is an ardent exercise of intelligence; and it remains - only a click away!

An inquisitive person, who has the potential and confidence of appropriate communication and persuasive ability and is willing to perform better, MUST study this subject. The course programs develop students to be multi-track thinkers, to sustain pressure, utilize the opportunities and appreciate the technological advancements of this era.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce new avenues of employment in E-Commerce and Marketing
  • Manage business with small investment
  • Explore regular opening of positions related to sales, marketing, analysis, database, assessment and research covering business and industry

Career Opportunities

  • Business Adviser
  • Business Strategist
  • E-Commerce Specialist
  • Management Consultant
  • Marketing Manager E-Commerce

The Study Plan

1. General Education Required Courses (11 Courses/33 Credits)

No. Course Code Course Title C.H.
1 ARL-AA 100
ARL-NA 100
Communication Skills in Arabic Language 3
2 ENG 100 English 3
3 MAT 100 General Mathematics 3
4 CIT 100 Computer Literacy 3
5 ASC 100 Study and Learning Skills 3
6 ASC 105 Islamic Culture 3
7 ASC 110 Introduction to Social Sciences 3
8 ASC 200 General Psychology 3
9 ASC 205 General Statistics 3
10 ASC 210 Natural Sciences 3
11 ASC 300 UAE and GCC Society 3

2. Core Requirements / Business Compulsory Courses (16 Courses / 48 Credits

No. Course Code Course Title C.H.
1 ACC 100 Principles of Accounting 3
2 ACC 105 Managerial Accounting 3
3 MGT 100 Principles of Management 3
4 ECO 100 Microeconomics 3
5 MKT 200 Principles of Marketing 3
6 MGT 200 Management Information Systems 3
7 ECO 200 Macroeconomics 3
8 MGT 202 Business Statistics 3
9 MGT 205 Organizational Behavior  3
10 FIN 200 Financial Management 3
11 MGT 301 Business Law 3
12 MGT 303 Quantitative Analysis 3
13 MGT 300 Production and Operations Management 3
14 MGT 302 Business Practice in UAE and GCC 3
15 MGT 400 International Business 3
16 MGT 405 Strategic Management 3

3. Compulsory Courses – e-Commerce and Marketing (10 Courses/ 30 Credits)

No. Course Code Course Title C.H.
1 MKT 202 Consumer Behavior 3
2 MKT 204 Marketing Channels 3
3 MKT 300 e-Commerce 3
4 MKT 301 Advertising and Promotion 3
5 MKT 303 Computer Applications in Marketing 3
6 MKT 400 Business to Business Marketing (B2B) 3
7 MKT 401 Marketing Research 3
8 MKT 402 Marketing Management 3
9 MKT 403 International Marketing 3
10 MKT 404 Special Topics in Marketing 3

4. Free Electives(5 Courses/ 15 Credits)

5 Courses (15 Credits) can be chosen from any other Colleges / Departments / Specializations as long as the chosen courses prerequisites are met.

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