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1 Music Teaching Undergraduate Program (Turkish)
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Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus Famagusta, North Cyprus 2014-04-04

The aim is to develop music teachers who have accepted with special aptitude tests by providing more education on the basis of universal norms. The target is to bring music teachers who can deal with scientific community and steeped in the musical culture of the universal with a participative and practical education. Music Teaching Undergraduate Program is providing four-year education in Turkish language and it aims to develop educators who know how to reach to the necessary information, know the technology well and can apply it, can apply the recent teaching techniques in the classroom environment, is creative and multicultural via the courses offered by the well equipped teacher trainers about the developing knowledge and technological materials.

General Information About the Program

The preconditon of entering to the special apptitude test for the Republic of Turkish nationals is to get a greade from the Higher Education Enterence Exam in any branch of the types of points, points or over the dam set by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center). İn the way, the candidate gain a right to attend the special aptitude test held by the Music Teaching Program. TRNC citicens need to be able to pass the special aptitutde test as well as YODAK exam (Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Committee Examination). Aa speacial aptitude test of the program and YODAK exam have a unified system of scoring.The candiadtes coming from the other nationalities need to have YGS (Higher Education Enterence Exam) and YOS (Examination for Foreign Students) scores from any of the types of exams score or get out of the dam set by OSYM and pass the special apptitude test of the program. Additionaly, they are required to have a very good level of Turkish language knowledge.


The Undergraduate Music Teaching Program is approved by Council of Higher Education (YOK) of the Republic of Turkey and the Program’s exlusve academic staff members, the various national and international academic events, and modern technological facilities embrace all the music teacher candidates to integrate with the world of information. In addition, students in the department, in co-operation agreements with Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory,CAKA, several other departments, the orchestra and the bands have the opportunity to make extensive studies.


There are five available classes for collective courses with air conditioners, video and DVD players,study rooms with 10 pianos and mirriors one in every three student-teachers, one Petrof full grand piano and two Yamaha baby grand pianos to be used in concerts, nine digitalpianos for technology supported music education, clasrooms with OHP and data-projectors and guitars, cellos, violins, violas, flutes and recorders, organ, accordions, mandolins, orff instruments, percussion instruments, drums and cymbal sets, brass bells and baglama (Turkish folk instrument) to be used in classes of the teacher candidates.

Career Opportunities

Our main aim is to develop our graduates in a way that they can work in Turkish and North Cyprus education system actively and successfully and provide them such an opportunity to enter the bussiness world as a creative and well-equppied music teachers. Our graduates have an oppotunity to be a teacher in public shools depend on The Ministiry of National Education (MEB) as well as introctors in the univeristies. Additionnaly, the alumni will have a chance to work in orchestras and choroes connected to The Ministry of Culture and the municipalities.

Contact Information

Tel: +90 392 630 1467
Fax: +90 392 365 4038

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