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1 Ultraschnelle mobile Information und Kommunikation (PhD)
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RWTH Aachen University / German Research School Germany Aachen 2013-11-28
With a PhD in Communication at the RWTH Aachen University / German Research School you will have focused on the growth and symbiosis of major areas of telecommunications, the role of media in a democratic society, and standards of social responsibility within journalism. You will have reviewed and assessed the main influences on the development of mass media and speculated upon their future.
phd students: You may typically have specialized in Cinema & Media Studies which encompassed a variety of methodological frameworks, cultural practices, and models in relation to the study of audio-visual media. You will have engaged in research, teaching, and possibly participated in international colloquia, as well as publishing. You will have completed a doctoral dissertation that will have made a significant contribution to the discipline, preparing you for an academic and research career in cinema and media studies along with related fields in cultural and communications studies.
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1DFG-Graduiertenkolleg „Selbstorganisierende Mobil-kommunikationssys­teme für Katastro­phenszenarien: MOBI­COM (Doctorate) Ilmenau University of Technology Germany Ilmenau 2013-05-15
2Dr. Ing. in Kommunikationstechnologie-Druck (Doctorate) University of Wuppertal Germany Wuppertal 2013-05-12
3SCALE, Sprachkommunikation auf Basis adaptiven Lernens (PhD) (Marie-Curie-Netzwerke mit RWTH-Beteiligung) RWTH Aachen University / German Research School Germany Aachen 2013-11-28
4Ultraschnelle mobile Information und Kommunikation (PhD) RWTH Aachen University / German Research School Germany Aachen 2013-11-28
5Interkulturelle Kommunikation (Promotion / Nebenfach) (PhD) Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Germany München 2015-01-14