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1 Pre-Economical and – Business Programme
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Hungarian Academy Of Education Hungary Szeged 2013-12-02

 The Hungarian Academy of Education (HUNACA) offers pre-sessional higher educational courses to prepare students who have plans of studying at the acknowledged universities of Hungary and other European countries. In our Institute, students can acquire the knowledge and skills which are necessary and beneficial regarding the entrance exams of the target universities.

Moreover, HUNACA helps the student to get to know the useful learning techniques which will facilitate the process of studying during their university years by making them more independent, more effective and more creative in cognitive fields. 

The Pre-Economical and Business Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Education (HUNACA) prepares students in the functional areas of business allowing them to improve their business language skills to the level of competence which is necessary to be effective at the university. The programme is designed for students who are interested in future studies and careers in business and economics.

The programme gives the students a profound and meticulous understanding of the theories and processes behind the modern day economy. It develops skills in business and marketing through mandatory and optional subjects, this way giving the opportunity for the students to learn the core principles while being able to be specialized according to their academic interest as well. The organization and structure of the course gives the teachers and the learners enough time to explore and discuss topics and events in the current economy. The curriculum includes novel topics and offers opportunities for the detailed study of current issues of both global and European economy.



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