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1 BA (Hons) International Business Management
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Nottingham University Business School China China Ningbo 2013-09-07


BA (Hons) International Business Management

Course structure

Year one (preliminary year) N.B. This year is not compulsory for students with appropriate qualifications for year two entry.

The preliminary year comprises a special programme of English for Academic Purposes designed by staff from the highly experienced Centre for English Language Education at the University of Nottingham. This is carefully integrated with the study programmes offered by each academic division so as to prepare students fully for years two to four of the degree. 

Year two (qualifying year)

In the qualifying year students are introduced to the underlying core management disciplines of economics and organisational behaviour. Also in the qualifying year, students have to take core modules in business computing and quantitative methods. In aggregate, the qualifying year thereby provides a foundation for Parts I and II of the degree.

All credits of language modules selected must be within the same language. Students may only choose a language in which they have no prior experience.

Year two modules


Year three (Part I) and Year four (Part II)

In Parts I and II of the degree core modules are taken in economics, organisational behaviour, strategic management, marketing, international business and accounting. Students must also select one major European or Asian language in the autumn and spring of Part I of the degree.

Year three modules


Year four modules


For more information about your opportunities to study abroad in these years, please see the information about student exchange programmes on our website.

Full programme EB09 specification

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