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1 Geographie (Master of Education)
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University of Trier Germany Trier 2013-09-03
Geographers study both human and physical landscapes developing an integrated understanding that is vital to addressing many of our contemporary social concerns.
With a Masters in Geography at University of Trier you will typically, in your first year, have covered the range of both human and physical geography. Core practical and tutorial modules will have included an introduction to field investigation, map work, data analysis and graduate literacy skills. Further study will have allowed you to develop practical skills relating to human and environmental geography. You will also have chosen modules from various thematic areas of study including cities and sustainability, development geographies, healthy living or global citizenship.
masters students: You will typically have engaged in advanced study of a variety of specialist areas in human geography, for example. Along with your dissertation you will have studied modules such as Culture, Space and Power, Cities, Empire and Modernity, Understanding Globalisation and Development and Globalisation and Development in Practice.
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