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1 Programa de Doctorado en Fisioterapia del Deporte
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Universidad Cardenal Herrera Spain Moncada (Valencia) 2013-07-18
With a PhD in Physical Therapy at Universidad Cardenal Herrera you will have received a solid grounding in such fields as general biology, chemistry, physics and psychology, medical physiology, human anatomy, biomedical statistics, the physiology of exercise, the theory and practice of strength and conditioning and applied nutrition.
phd students: you will have engaged in advanced study and research in such areas as the development of the basic clinical problem solving skills of examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, assessment/reassessment and discharge planning; the development of an orientation toward prevention, health, fitness and wellness and the application of critical thinking skills for independent judgment, clinical problem solving, leadership, and autonomous practice.
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1Programa de Doctorado en Fisioterapia del Deporte Universidad Cardenal Herrera Spain Moncada (Valencia) 2013-07-18