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1 Génétique classique et moléculaire (Bachelor)
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University of 'Oran Algeria Oran 2013-07-15
The field of genetics has advanced at a startling rate. Population genetics, molecular genetics, and general genetic theory and associated biotechnology are having an impact on all major fields of biology, from neurobiology and physiology to ecology and conservation biology. There is currently a great deal of fragmentation with a subsequent shortage of geneticists possessing a broad education in the field.
With a Bachelor in Genetics at University of 'Oran you will have received a solid foundation in all aspects of the discipline, , including Mendelian genetics, evolutionary genetics, molecular genetics, population genetics, medical genetics and bioinformatics.
bachelors students: Employment opportunities: A Ph.D. is generally necessary for independent research, especially in academia, as well as for advancement to administrative positions. A bachelor’s or master's degree is sufficient for certain jobs in applied research, product development, management, or inspection; it also may be enough to work as a research technician or a teacher. Many with a bachelor's degree in biology enter medical, dental, veterinary, or other health profession schools, or find jobs as 2nd level science teachers.
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