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1 BA (Hons) Stadium & Events Management
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UCFB College of Football Business Ltd. Compan United Kingdom Lancashire 2013-06-21


BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology & Management

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Location: UCFB Wembley

Entry Criteria: 280-300 UCAS Tariff point score

Sports people have long known the benefits of what an understanding of psychology can bring to their performance.

BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology & Management

Course Content

Athletes learn to motivate themselves in ways that they believe will improve performance, replacing self-doubt with positive thoughts about what they need to do in order to succeed. The ability to understand cognitive behaviour is also a key component of being a successful leader and manager. Others use visualisation, bringing to mind the sights, sounds and feelings of a successful performance in order to be better prepared for the real situation and plan their reactions to the many different things that might happen during a competition.

Accredited by the British psychological Society, this degree combines contemporary and traditional areas of research and theory in Sports psychology. The traditional psychology component of the award consists of all of the core areas of psychology (e.g. developmental, cognitive, psychophysiology, individual differences, research methods, social, historical and conceptual issues), along with the principles and skills of management within the football and sports industries, where you will have the opportunity to develop your psychological skills on and off the pitch. This will be enhanced by our Complementary Curriculum where you will meet the best-inclass practitioners in the sports industries via our professional partner network, providing you with the opportunities to practice your knowledge and skills throughout your degree.

During your studies, you will also have the opportunity to gain an appropriate level of professional.

Year 1

You will be introduced to the world of sports psychology, examining social and developmental aspects and explore the areas of cognitive and biological psychology in order to gain a better understanding of the psychological impacts on the brain and body. Integrated with this is an introduction to the business side of the football and sports industry, providing you with an understanding of the industry off the pitch and the unique psychology behind sports fans and consumers.

Year 2

In this year, you will examine the psychology of optimum performance covering theories that explain behaviour in sport and the skills involved to improve performance. You will also explore how an individual’s attitude and personality can impact on behaviour on and off the pitch and research contemporary issues in sports psychology and management. Also during this year, you will gain an insight into what makes an effective leader, with the opportunity to put your theoretical understanding into practice through our Complementary Curriculum.

Year 3

Your final year will include an empirically based research project on a topic of your choice. In addition to your research, you will also focus on advanced sports psychology topics and other areas of cognitive psychology related to human behaviour. There will be further opportunities to evaluate the similarities between the performance enhancing techniques of athletes and that of businesses to motivate employees’ performance, along with other topics such as strategic decision-making and how the psychological skills you have learnt can be applied to the management of a business team.

You will also explore the psychological implications of making management decisions, for example in cases such as implementing change and crisis management.

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