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1 Italian standard course
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veronetta129 Italy Verona 2013-05-16


Standard course


veronetta129 Standard Courses are attended by students from all countries. You can expect a full language emersion. Authentic materials are used to teach the language with an approach more practical than theoretical. The objective of the courses is to help students become ready to interact in Italian in everyday life as soon as possible.

A playful teaching approach is at the core of our chosen methodology in so far as a positive, relaxed, fun and involving environment is one of the conditions in which all students can feel they have a central role in the learning process.

After our opening class, we will brake up into some work groups that will face different subjects: Italian songs, games, Italian history and literature, cooking and art. After we enter into a typical Italian atmosphere, we will start working on grammar; students will be placed in groups that are at the same level and so they will work at there own pace with the specific programs for them.

We have language courses for all levels of Italian learning. For levels we refer to the Common European Framework: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

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