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1 Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering, MEng, PhD
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University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu 2013-05-15
With a PhD in Graduates will have received a solid foundation in engineering applications in the areas of agriculture, food systems and chains, energy and natural resources, the environment and other areas related to biology. You will have been involved in designing systems for renewable energy, water quality and the protection and conservation of soil, water and other resources.
phd students: You may typically have specialized in the following areas: Biomass processing and bioproducts engineering, developing engineering processes to produce useful, high-value products from the byproducts of agricultural operations and other sources of plant biomass, or in bio-environmental engineering (the application of engineering and biological principles to the study of the environmental impact of managed biological systems, including agriculture, aquaculture, and natural resources.
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1Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Agricultural Engineering University of Agriculture Abeokuta Nigeria Abeokuta 2013-05-15
2Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering, MEng, PhD University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu 2013-05-15
3Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, MEng/MSc, PhD University of Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu 2013-05-15