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1 Archaeology and History of Art
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Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus Gazima / Gazimağusa K.K.T.C. 2014-04-02

The aim of the program is to provide its students with the necessary scientific and practical knowledge in the fields of archaeology and art history. The department aims to train its students to acquire the necessary technical, analytical as well as theoretical knowledge to become distinguished practitioners in archaeological and art historical fieldwork and research.

General Information About the Program

The archaeology component of the program consists of both technical and practical training necessary to become field archaeologists while providing the necessary education in analytical methods and theoretical approaches to interpretation of archaeological data. Archaeology courses also provide in-depth treatments of the archaeological cultures of the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Near East. The Art History component of the program mainly focuses on Western art through the ages, although additional courses on Near Eastern art and architecture are also available. The department also trains its students in art practice, museum studies and art criticism.


The graduates of this program will complete general survey and elective courses in Archeology and Art History, as well as additional electives in humanities and social sciences. The program comprises of 46 courses, 13 of which are on archaeology and 19 on art history. There are also 9 elective courses and one course concerning field work. As can also be understood from the layout of the program this is a double degree program on archaeology and art history. The program has at its disposal over 5000 slides and numerous video cassettes for educational purposes.


Northern Cyprus, with its rich archaeological and historical heritage provides the students with first-hand experience of their field of study. The Late Bronze Age city of Enkomi, the ancient Greek/Roman city of Salamis as well as the Iron age cemetery at Cellarka are situated within a few minutes’ drive from the University. The city of Gazimağusa (Famagusta) itself with its myriad of medieval churches also possesses one of the best preserved Venetian fortifications in the Mediterranean. The students also have the opportunity to see and handle archaeological artifacts first hand through our agreement with the Department of Antiquities. Like the rest of the faculty, the department has access to computer labs, and the classrooms are all fitted with the necessary audio-visual equipment for a better teaching/learning experience.

Career Opportunities

The double academic focus offered by the Department enables graduates to begin careers in a wide variety of areas: archaeologists, museum curators, art critics, art and antiques consultants, and gallery assistants or curators. Our graduates also have job opportunities in areas such as cultural tourism and eco-tourism, world heritage projects and organizations, international research organizations and government information services. The degree also seeks to provide students with a thorough background for further education at graduate level, opening opportunities for academic teaching and research.

Contact Information

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