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1 International Relations (Masters)
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National Research University Higher School of Economics Russian Federation (Russia) Москва 2013-05-12
With a Masters in International Business at National Research University Higher School of Economics you will have received a solid grounding in administrative decision-making with particular international emphasis allowing you to develop your understanding of multinational operations and their ability to function efficiently in an international setting. You will also have gained proficiency in a second language and studied, variously, the areas of industrial psychology, human resources management, marketing and political science, to name but a few.
masters students: You ,may have explored the impact that global businesses have on localities, societies and economic policies, looking at how these factors impact on business. Certain MA’s offer a contrasting perspective from other international business degrees in that they position the world of business in its economic (and associated social and political) environment, considering issues such as globalisation, competitiveness and innovation, the effectiveness of the EU and other organisations, and the impact of security and conflict on international business with core themes such as economic competitiveness; international business economics; globalisation; economic development and growth; and the role of the government and policy.
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