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1 Ancient Literature of China (Master’s Degree Program)
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Yunnan University of Nationalities China KUNMING 2013-05-12
With a Masters in Ancient Studies at Yunnan University of Nationalities you will typically have studied a wide range of courses including Greek Tragedy, Roman Epic, Roman Republican History, Ancient Slavery and Hellenistic epic poetry. Being typically a multidisciplinary subject, you will also have studied the works of Ovid, Athenian Law, Literary Theory, Medical Latin, and Ancient Warfare.
masters students: Your MA in Classics and Ancient History will typically have reflected the broad, multidisciplinary nature of the subject area including the Latin and Greek languages, the history of Greek and Roman antiquity from archaic times to the beginning of the Middle Ages, and Greek and Roman literature, culture, art, and philosophy. You will have been introduced to advanced study in your chosen field, equipping you with the skills required for doctoral research.
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