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1 _ 01现代设计方法与技术, (Postgraduate)
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Hangzhou Dianzi University China Haidian District 2013-05-12
Many higher education institutions now offer law degrees with options e.g. law and a second language. Other options include law and accountancy, law and economics, law and Management Studies, law and engineering, International law and even law and music.
With a Postgraduate in Law at Hangzhou Dianzi University you will typically (in your first year) have studied core modules involving methods, procedures and systems; you will also have looked at Constitutional and Administrative Law, Contract Law and Criminal Law.
Years Two and Three:
The following 2-3 years will allow you to choose from a wide variety of options including Civil Liberties, Commercial and Company Law, Criminal Justice, Education and the Law, Employment Law, European Union Law, Intellectual Property Law and many others
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