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1 Master of Science Manager de la Distribution et Développement Commercial (Program taught in French)
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INSEEC | Grande École de Commerce | Business School France Paris 2013-05-12
With a Masters in Child Development at INSEEC | Grande École de Commerce | Business School you will have focused typically on the study of social-emotional development as the underlying foundation for all other areas of development including physical, cognitive, motor, and language.You will typically have engaged in an interdisciplinary field of study based on the assumption that development takes place across the lifespan in the context of the family, community, and public policy.You will have gained knowledge in some of the following areas crucial to development: Knowledge of the development (physical, psychological, emotional, social) of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, adolescents, and adults, knowledge of family violence and child maltreatment, atypical development, knowledge of dating, marriage, parenting and parent-child and peer relationships and family.
masters students: You will typically have focused on the behavioural, psychological, biological and contextual processes that promote wholesome developmental outcomes in infants and young children. You will have studied such key areas as family, early childhood educational settings, and culture, with further study in development across cultures, infant development, language and literacy research and practices, social-emotional development, observational methods for home or classroom, approaches to early education, intervention and prevention programs, and parenting.
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